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Home sweet home.

Well Josh has made it home! He came home on Saturday night. Really it is sooner than we both expected, but realistically Josh was made ready for it during therapy. Though he does have lifting, bending, and twisting restrictions on him, he is generally able to move about at home. He will have PCA help regularly during the week and Whitney home during the weekend. Generally he will not be without supervision/help for very long during a normal day, at least for these first few months while his back really starts healing up and fusing right.
So now we look forward to warmer weather and snow melting!! It's been a record cold year for us up in Duluth, making it the second coldest winter in recorded history. BRR! The sooner the snow melts, the sooner we can start building the garden raised beds, and finish that blasted fence!
House renovations are coming along nicely and the kitchen is getting near to being finished, though slowly. Cooking out of a microwave is tricky when you're used to a full sized stove and oven!

Thank you to every person who has supported us and left us kind notes and called and sent us cards! We appreciate it! Updates will be a bit more sporadic from here on out- we will be checking in from time to let you all know how things are going. First checkup is at the end of March! See you soon!