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The snow is done (all 16-18" of it!), and josh is moved into rehab in Duluth. He made it up on Wednesday last week. It's different this time around- his back is "straighter" and because of that he is a bit taller sitting up. This makes his arms "shorter" so he is having to relearn how to boost up and move. Without being able to turn his body, or bend much, it makes other activities tough too! It's a learning process this time around, for sure.

He is slated to stay in rehab only 7-10 days, although that may change. We are hoping he stays a little bit longer so that he has time to really figure out his bathroom routine. But our house is also in shambles with a kitchen remodel going on right now! It's moving along quickly, but still renders it useless- I am cooking out of a microwave and a hot plate. It's like college all over again! I just need a water hot pot and I'd be set!

The wood pile is dwindling with all of this cold weather- we have had a bit of respite lately but we are plunging back into the cold again. Brr! I'm hoping a real spring comes soon!