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Big surgery, exciting night.

Well it has been a whirlwind 36 hours since waking up and checking into the "Hotel Fairview". Yesterday we woke at 2:45AM, and got to the hospital at 5:20. Josh was brought into surgery at 7:36AM.
Throughout the day I had many people along to keep me company-Josh's parents, my mother, and my aunt. Lots of conversation and a couple scrabble games. They all left around 7-8PM. Josh got out of surgery at 6:34PM. 11 hours!
The actual surgery went well with very minor complications. The removal of all the parts went well, and replacing the cage at T10 was successful. Dr. Polly placed larger gauge titanium rods in his back, and replaced all of the screws into the bone as well as everything else, since the size of the rods differed. That is generally what made the surgery go so long. It was a team of 2 surgeons, a resident, PA, anesthetist, and a slew of nurses in there. Went through 3 teams of nurses. Crazy!
He then had 3 hours in the recovery room after surgery, trying to stabilize his pain-which was great. He was then moved up to the surgical ICU for the night. I stayed long enough to see him a little bit but then I left for my parents who live in Anoka, to get some shut eye! I was very tired, and got to sleep around midnight.

I woke up this morning to 6 missed calls on one phone and 2 on the other. Josh had coded around 4:30AM due to a high heart beat and low blood pressure. He was conscious, but close to passing out. The team gave him a zap- he said it was like being kicked in the chest by a mule! No lights were seen, no Jesus or anything. He didn't die, don't worry! But today has been "stabilize BP day" for Josh. Trying a variety of medications and positions to get it back up. Finally, they opted for a medication that WILL bring it up to normal levels and stabilize him there. He's currently at 105/49 so that's much better than 75/40!
I came to visit today armed with a lovely gold medal for Josh from Peta, Whitney's mom, in celebration of his marathon surgery. I will attach a photo!
Healing will continue- he is very groggy and tired. Any visits need to be brief, and you will need to wear a gown provided. The ICU here requests no little children visiting during this time. He will likely be in the ICU For at least another 24 hours, but then to the general surgical healing ward after. He is located on the 10th floor currently. He does have his cell phone with him, but he is often napping, so don't expect to get him right away if you're calling. Text is great!
Thank you for your calls, texts, Facebook messages and general support. We appreciate it. Have a good night!