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Readers Digest Version

Well folks, it's 11:18PM and I've been awake since 2:45 this morning, so I'm going to make this brief so I can crash.
Josh's surgery went well, no complications or issues with his health. All in all, he was in surgery for 11 hours! Recovery took about 3 more hours. He is tucked in to his temporary home on the 10th floor ICU for the time being.
His pain level is very high. The side incision is most painful, but it all hurts. And it will hurt for a while. So they're trying to manage that. Be aware that if you choose to visit in the coming days, he may spontaneously nap.
No major visits tomorrow (Tuesday) as he is still recovering. Immediate family is coming but we want to keep it low key, especially with the lack of sleep he is guaranteed for the next 24 hours. Starting Wednesday folks are welcome to visit. Please no flowers, as he cannot keep them in his ICU room, per policy. He will accept food or coffee instead!

That's all for now. I will work on a Readers Digest Extended version tomorrow with more details of how the day went for us both.

Nighty night!