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Welcome to Josh's CaringBridge website! Be sure to visit the journal section often to read daily updates and most definitely sign the guest book so that we know who to thank! If you are considering a visit to come see Josh, please send us a text, email, or phone call on either of our phones to find out when the best time to visit may be.

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Josh was doing his usual thing on Saturday January 28, 2012: going after witches brooms in trees. This time, he was climbing up a tree to reach a particular broom. The branch broke and he fell backwards about 20 feet to the ground. He crushed a vertebrae in his back, damaging his spinal cord, and breaking 3 ribs. He currently has no sensation below mid-chest level. Josh underwent back surgery the night of January 28th to stabilize his spine and insert screws and plates to fuse his spine and allow for swelling to slowly go down. Josh was located at St. Mary's Duluth Clinic in the neuro-trauma wing for after-surgery care, then he moved into his more permanent location in room 205 of the Miller-Dwan rehab center. on March 9, 2012, he was released into the world! Because their house was incomplete and under construction, the Horkys moved into the holiday inn for a time until their new wheelchair accessible location outside of town was ready. They lived there courtesy of friends Al and Theresa for a little over a year while their house was being renovated to be wheelchair accessible. Finally, the modifications were complete and the Horkys moved back into their home in March of 2013.


Whitney Horky posted a new journal entry, "Lung adventures. ".

Josh has been battling problems with his lung- after being home for only a day and a half from rehab, he was having some chest pains and troubles breathing in. So a trip ... Read more

Jan Wick signed Joshua's Guestbook.

Josh- Sorry to hear that you had to make a trip to the hospital concerning your lungs, but glad to hear that your original surgery seems to be going well.  Keep taking ... Read more

Mona Cheslak signed Joshua's Guestbook.

Dog-gone it.  So sorry to hear what sounds like a set back but so glad to hear it's on the mend.  Keeping positive thoughts for all (two and four legged) Horkys on 5th ... Read more

Floyd & Mabel Schultz, Union Church, Elk River signed Joshua's Guestbook.

Praying that every day will bring you more comfort. Read more

Mom B signed Joshua's Guestbook.

Josh,Get those lungs cleared and get to feeling better! Holler if you and Whitney need my help at the end of the week...or any time = ; )Healing hugs, Read more

Whitney Horky posted a new journal entry, "Home sweet home. ".

Well Josh has made it home! He came home on Saturday night. Really it is sooner than we both expected, but realistically Josh was made ready for it during therapy. Though ... Read more

Betty and Dale signed Joshua's Guestbook.

Congratulations on making it through another amazing chapter in your story, kids.  I hope one of you is keeping a journal, because some day you may want to write a ... Read more

annie schoenecker signed Joshua's Guestbook.

Josh it was fun having you as a patient! You made my weekend fly by I hope all is well! Read more

Whitney Horky posted a new journal entry.

The snow is done (all 16-18" of it!), and josh is moved into rehab in Duluth. He made it up on Wednesday last week. It's different this time around- his back is ... Read more

Russ Gesch signed Joshua's Guestbook.

Great news! Josh we are happy that your recovery is going well. Rehab will be a breeze for you - smile!Love you,Pauletta & Russ Read more

Mabel Schultz, Elk River UCC signed Joshua's Guestbook.

So happy to hear you are able to head back to Duluth.  I take that as a good sign.  Continue to heal and get strong. Read more

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