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Josh’s Story

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"Trust in God with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path." Proverbs 3:5-6

On the evening of Tuesday, June 7, Josh was admitted Riley's Children's Hospital in Indianapolis into ICU with a diagnosis of a brain tumor.  After 1 CT scan in Evansville, a MRI and CT in Indy, Josh went into surgery early Wednesday morning to put a shunt in to reduce the pressure and pain he was having.  A biopsy of the tumor was also done.  Josh then had another CT scan to verify that the shunt was in place after surgery.    On Thursday, Josh had xrays as well.   Due to some vision issues, he then had another CT scan and an eye specialist visit.   On Friday afternoon, he was moved to a new room in the "Tower"  9 West.   We are now waiting on biopsy results on Monday or Tuesday for treatment plans and onto the road for recovery!!

It has now been more than a week since this last update....

It is now Saturday, June 18.  Josh has had 9 CT scans, 3 MRI's, a shunt, a biopsy, 2 major brain surgeries and we are now waiting for the final pathology results from the removal of part of the tumor.  Another CT is planned for Sunday or Monday and this will give more direction on the course of treatment.  Final pathology results probably will not happen until mid week.  Josh's vision is limited right now but praying for total return of all vision.  He's still on pain meds and other drugs for his recovery and further treatment.   Going hour by hour and day by day praising God that He is holding us in the palm of His hand during this journey.  Please continue to pray for a full recovery for Josh so he can serve the Lord!

June 28 now... at home, waiting for the final treatment plan to be given to us by Dr. Pradhan.  Josh is doing well, weaning him off his steroids and continuing to get stronger and to smile more and more each day!  At this point, he has been improving each day and we expect to go back to Indy for more tests and a consult with the doctors.  We have been registered as of today for the Bloomington facility that Josh will do radiation, but that will be later after some chemotherapy sessions this summer.  For now, trusting on the Lord each day and resting on His everypresent promises to care and love us beyond our own understanding!  Share God's Good News with Everyone!!!

July 15... Josh has just returned from his first chemotherapy treatment at Riley.  Had surgery on June 12 with a port placement, stitches out of large incision, spinal tap and then 3 days of chemo drugs and a shot on day 4 to build up his white blood cell count.  Will do labs every week to make sure things are going well and if all goes well, will return on August 2 for doctor appts and start of Chemo #2 treatment.

Josh continued for his 2nd chemo treatment.  After the 2nd treatment, Josh had another MRI, his 5th one, and it showed the remaining half of the tumor had decreased in size by 20%. 

Josh continued for his 3rd chemo treatments.  After the 3rd treatment, his counts dropped so far that he needed immediate blood and platelet transfusions.  Josh's 3rd chemo was delayed a week so he could recover for the 4th chemo.   In addition, after the 2nd treatment, Josh had another MRI, his 5th one, and it showed the remaining half of the tumor had decreased in size by 20%. 

By the end of mid September, Josh had his 4th chemo treatment.  He is currently recovering from the chemo effects.  On Sept. 29, Josh had his consultation in Bloomington, IN with Dr. Douglas at IUHPTC for his radiation treatments.   These will begin in the next couple of weeks after another MRI is done and several follow up doctor appointments are done before the radiation begins.  It is the beginning of October and we are still leaning on the Lord

It is now November 12 and Josh has had 17 radiation treatments in Bloomington. 13 more to go!  Josh was transferred to Dr. Buchsbaum in Bloomington and he is a wonderful doctor.  Josh is doing well ... just some tired feelings, but we keeping praying for no long term side effects. 

Josh completed his radiation treatments on December 1.  He came through the radiation treatments extremely well.

Starting in January, he started back to school full time and also started his three month check ups with MRIs and eye specialist appts. 

Josh's MRIs have shown great results...the one in January, April and July all show that there is a small spot that is presumed to be scar tissue and it will be with Josh forever.  He continues to regain strength and endurance, but has to be reminded that its ok to take a break.

Josh started school in August and is now a Junior at Harrison!   Praising the Lord for all of our blessings each day!