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Joseph’s Story

Thank everyone for still visiting Joseph's caringbridge page, Joseph has gone to be with our father in heaven and We miss him & Love him dearly



March 7,1996 - January 7, 2008


Sat, Dec 15,2007Joseph has had a stable night, He is running a temperature today, They are running cultures to try and detect what its coming from. He is still jaundiced. Liver counts are still elevated. The Berlin heart is doing its job, And that is good news. He opened his eyes this morning and lifted his hand. He is still vented, They are feeding him protein,Fat and other nutritions by IV's. Keep praying for Joseph.. Thank everyone for everything . Words cannot express our gratitude. Love Mike& KathyDecember 11, 2007 Tues.

Joseph received his Berlin heart yesterday (Monday) it was an 11 hour surgery we left the hospital at 1:45 a.m. We were called back to the hospital at 4:30 a.m. due to blood clots around the heart and in his right leg. He went back into surgery at 5:00 a.m. and was there until 12:30. Joseph is still in critical condition but he has been stabalized. The kidney, BP, sugar, jaundice, respirator, central line, nitrogen etc?, are all improving. His liver count is still very elevated. He is still on the respirator and along with the Berlin heart he is finally showing some progress. They have warned us it is touch and go from day-to-day. When he becomes strong enough he will once again move to the top of the list for a heart. Recovery will take lots of time we are told. Please keep him in your prayers! and Thank you for all of your support, we really appreciate every prayer and kind deed.

Love Mike, Kathy, Daniel, Jennifer, Philip & Joseph

Andrew, Logan, Jaden, Peggy, Jackie & Ricky, Diane & Kevin, Patricia & Frank, Frank III & family, Sarah, Glenn, Anthony, A.J., Kacie and all family members whom want to express gratitude for your support.

Dec 8th, 2007 Saturday

Joseph is tolerating every thing pretty well. He has had to take a pint of blood to get platelets up. The respirator is doing all of his breathing for him. He has a temperature today but they have not found any infections. He is being fed by a NG tube. Please keep praying. We Love you ALL..

Mike & Kathy

Please sign the guest book, Thank You ..

Mom & Dad

Dec 7, 2007 Friday

Joseph is more stable today. He is on a ventilator, it is breathing for him. They are keeping him sedated to keep him comfortable. He has a Berlin heart device on the way from Berlin, Germany. This will be implanted Sunday or Monday. This will replace the balloon heart pump which can only be used for 7 days. He is at the top of the list for a new heart. Please know we check this as often as we can. We would like to "Thank each and everyone for your love, prayers and support".

With All Our Love,

Mike & Kathy (Dad & Mom)

Dec. 6, 2007 Thursday

Joseph is in the PICU at UVA Medical Center in Charlottesville, Virginia. He's in the hospital because he is having heart failure. He had a defibulator placed on Thursday Nov. 29th. The doctors are evaluating Joseph for a heart transplant because his heart has just gotten too sick. On Wednesday Dec 5th Joseph was transferred from MCV in Richmond, Virginia to UVA in Charlottesville, Virginia they put him on a respirator. He is also retaining 22lbs of fluid due to an enlarged liver caused by the many heart problems that he is having. He is having a temporary balloon heart pump inserted to take the strain off of his heart to help him recover until they can do something long term. Keep him in your prayers. Please sign the guest book so we can print this out for Joseph's keepsake after he recovers. Check back for updates, Thanks!

Latest Journal Update

Missing Joseph

Weep not for me though I am gone into the gentle night.
Grieve if you will but, not for long upon my souls sweet flight.
No need for tears, I am at peace, My soul, Now at rest
There is no pain, I suffer not, For with your Love I was blessed.
I'm in a place of comfort, the fear is now gone,
Put those things into your thoughts, In your memory I live on.
Remember not my fight for breath,
Remember not the strife. Please do not dwell,
But, Celebrate My Life .

" Forever In Our Hearts,"

  Kathy (Mom)http:// Facebook