Joseph’s Story

Welcome!  May 23, 2011 we found out my brother Joe had stage 4 cancerous tumors filling his abdominal cavity. He is receiving treatment at the University of MN and at Mayo Hospital. Recently he had surgery and they were able to mostly remove the tumor. However, he still has a long journey to being completely cancer free. Please keep him and our family in your prayers. We have been so blessed by all the care and prayers we have received. As hard as this is we know that the Lord has a plan and is working powerfully through Joe and this situation. The Lord is good and he is faithful!

~Sharon Hall

Latest Journal Update


As of yesterday we started hospice care for Joe at home. Prayers are needed as we head into this final stage of treatment/care for him. He continues to get weaker and sleep more. We treasure the times of alertness and conversation we can still have with him. In typical Joe fashion he still makes us all laugh. He suffers so patiently, humbly, and well that it is an inspiration to witness. Thank you for the tons of love and prayers you are sending our way!! It means the world to us. 
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Ken Prom
By K
V1. All the paths I've trod, all the people I have spoken with
and the joys I've known,
Every time I think of these... memories and treasures:
there is none like you.

C1. From the rising of the sun until it's daily setting
when the night is new,
All the heavens sing in praise, the moon and planets stating:
"There is none like you."

V2. Many are my hopes, my interests and dreamings
in this world of tears.
I want to do my part, in service to my savior
all throughout my years.

C3. As the heat of day draws on, and my soul is weary
I may faint or rest
Then get up again and try, asking for His mercy
to give all my best.

V3. Now again it seems, He takes away a measure
of the life I'd choose;
But He knows much more, and sets aside a treasure
if my life I lose.

C3. When my final day draws near, the sun of my life setting
I give you my due
My voice, I know, He hears, my heart's been ever calling:
"There is none like you."

V4. Now at heaven's gate, the gaze of Christ has melted me
His love is true.
All was worth the wait, this glory far surpassing;
there is none like you.

C4. From the setting of this sun, until the resurrection,
when my frame renews,
Then we altogether rise, in joyful exaltation:
"There is none like you."

Praying for you, Nick, Natalie, Joe, Sharon, Loretta, David and Nicholas.
Jerome and Mary Meeds
Praying that Heavenly light will fill your home during these hours - to help you, Joe, to receive all the grace and courage you need, to help each person in your family to know that the Lord is near. We love you.
the Meeds family
Linda Gillum
By Linda (Vanzzini) Gillum NET 1990-1992
Praying for your son Hall family. Though I never have met him I have followed his story. Lifting you all up. (((Hugs)))
Christopher Kraker
By Christopher Kraker
Continued prayers. I've wanted to stop by for a while now but figure these remaining days are family time, so don't want to intrude. You are all an inspiration. Peace and grace to you all.
Jody Olson
By Jody olson
Thank you, Sharon. May you all know and feel Christ's peace.
Christine Schwarz
By Christine Schwarz
Praying for God's peace to wrap around you like a warm blanket.
Eileen Wilkin
By Eileen Wilkin
We have been and will continue to pray extra for Joe and all of you!
Brian Mogren
By Brian Mogren, St. Jane House, Minneapolis, MN
May this be a peaceful and grace filled time for Joe and all who love him. You are held in the hearts and prayers of many...
leila Vance
Joe and Family,
You are continuously in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for how you love us in your suffering. May Mother Mary hold you close. May you lay your head to her breast and hear her love for you.
The Vances
Virginia Schmidt
By Patrick and Virginia Schmidt and family
Joe, you and your family are such a witness to true love and devotion. You will always be in our prayers. Thank you for living your faith so well so we could all benefit from it.
With Much admiration.