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Joseph’s Story

Welcome!  May 23, 2011 we found out my brother Joe had stage 4 cancerous tumors filling his abdominal cavity. He is receiving treatment at the University of MN and at Mayo Hospital. Recently he had surgery and they were able to mostly remove the tumor. However, he still has a long journey to being completely cancer free. Please keep him and our family in your prayers. We have been so blessed by all the care and prayers we have received. As hard as this is we know that the Lord has a plan and is working powerfully through Joe and this situation. The Lord is good and he is faithful!

~Sharon Hall

Latest Journal Update


Hello all, just an update to say Joe's labs were looking pretty good when he was last in but he had lost even more weight and he really has none to lose, although its not surprising when you're not allowed to eat or drink for days. He has decided after consulting with his med staff to take a break from treatment for a few weeks at least so that he can recover and gain some strength and weight back. So pray that he feels better and is able to recover in the next few weeks and that the cancer doesn't grow and cause more problems during this treatment-free time. Thanks.
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heimel ann marie
By Ann Marie Heimel
Praying for you, Joe. Hope you feel better today!
Julie Fox
By Julie Fox
I pray that your break from treatment will indeed allow you to regain some strength Joe. Thank you Sharon foe keeping us all updated. I pray that you all can enjoy your family time together. You all are in my prayers every single day. I pray also that God will bless you all as deeply as you bless us with your incredible faith.
Robin Loch
By Robin Loch
Enjoy your family's Thanksgiving Day. Prayers for fun, rest and lots of good food are coming your way!
Deb Hoelmer
Thanksgiving is a special family time and not having to concentrate on treatments, but rather on family will be my prayers for you all this holiday. I am thankful for the medical experts that have guided you all through this journey and for the many who continually help to insure that research for a cure is being worked and for God who reminds you how much you are loved by all.
amy koelfgen
By Amy Koelfgen
Sounds like a good plan for you Joe to take a break and gain some weight, especially with the upcoming Thanksgiving that you can feel like eating. Always prayers for Joe :)
Jim and Sandy Forde
By Sandy Willson
Dear Joe and the Hall Family:
This is a good time to eat, drink, and gain weight. I wonder if your mom will be making "Natalie Bars"? Love and prayers for you every single day, Joe. Thank you to Sharon for her postings, your information makes it easy to be part of Team Joe.
Love, Sandy