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Joseph’s Story

Welcome!  May 23, 2011 we found out my brother Joe had stage 4 cancerous tumors filling his abdominal cavity. He is receiving treatment at the University of MN and at Mayo Hospital. Recently he had surgery and they were able to mostly remove the tumor. However, he still has a long journey to being completely cancer free. Please keep him and our family in your prayers. We have been so blessed by all the care and prayers we have received. As hard as this is we know that the Lord has a plan and is working powerfully through Joe and this situation. The Lord is good and he is faithful!

~Sharon Hall

Latest Journal Update


Just wanted to give a quick update, there is not much to say but its been a while since ive posted. Joe continues to fight although he is getting weaker and thinner and the cancer continues to grow. They had to give him a bag to drain his liver externally as the stents were no longer sufficient internally. He's been having some complication with the chest tube so keep that in prayer. Also he continues to struggle to eat. On a positive note his labs have remained stable. You can pray for his peace of mind, and grace to live each day fully.  We are so blessed by people's love and care for us. Obviously this is a very tough time and i cant imagine getting through without all the prayers and support. So thank you! Also i know that many people want to see or contact Joe is this time but he has been a bit overwhelmed. So please dont just drop in, call or text ahead of time. Also dont contact Joe between 12am  and 12pm as this is when he is asleep. If need be contact me (my email is listed on this site) Joe loves to see and connect with people but we need to be careful not to exhaust of overstretch him. Thank you!! God bless! 
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Linda Stricklin
By Linda Stricklin
By Linda Stricklin
Joe I watched your video and you are an amazing young man. I truly am inspired by who you are.
Thank you. I am lifting up you and your family in prayer. God Bless you all.
Brian Mogren
By Brian Mogren
Joe, I just read the Catholic Spirit article about your journey with cancer and watched all of the NET videos. I am inspired beyond measure by who you are, and the generosity with which you share your story, your truth and your wisdom. I have learned so much this night from listening to your profound words. Thank you! Holding you and your family in prayer, light and love… Brian Mogren, Minneapolis, MN
Kay Prom
By Kay Prom
Joe, words are so inadequate. Please know that the Prom family will never be able to thank you enough for the eternal impact you have had on Ken, Kay, Joe and especially Anthony. We are so grateful for the years you spent time in our home, seeing the nitty, gritty intimate details of our family's life, and loving us through it all.
rita rogers
St Michael in front of Joe & his Family St Gabriel to the left of Joe & his Family St Raphael to the right of Joe & his Family His Guardian Angels & his Families behind him His Patron Saints & His Families below him Blessed Virgin Mary Holy Mother of GOD with St Joseph above him& his Family Holy Trinity all around him & his Family...Amen
Julie Fox
By Julie Fox
Praying for you and your family.
Janet Dynan
By Janet Dynan
Prayers for Joe and your family.
Janet Dynan
By Janet Dynan
Prayers to Joe and your family.
Lisa Miller
By Lisa Miller
Love & Hugs to you all!!! Truly Amazed at what a Great Young man you are!! I watched the video, Nick & Natalie you have raised a AMAZING Young Man!!! Think about you all everyday!!! Love you!

Sending all my Love
Lisa-- Staci. Travis' Mom❤
mary and don loizeaux
By mary and don loizeaux
Thanks for the update. Our prayers are with you
Nancy Wenner
By Nancy Wenner
Prayers are with you all .