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Good Morning All,

In response to the last posting within Jose's Guestbook I decided to take a moment to respond.

Jose is indeed doing well and did have a visitor from NH a couple weeks ago. This week he has all of his children visiting which is great! It had been to long since they were all together so he is DEFINATELY enjoying that!

To sum up on home life. Yes I did indeed give Jose his first niece so our house and my day to day is very busy. However Jose is getting his speech therapy three times a week at home, pool therapy three times a week at home and physical therapy three times a week at home. That said, his therapies do not all take place on the same days. So six of the seven days within the week he has therapy going on. Which makes our house very busy especially with the normal day to day events that take place within anyone's home and the new addition.

Jose underwent a procedure in Bethesda MD Late February Early March that closed a small opening on his scalp. Since we returned home from that he has not been going to the hyperbaric treatments but that will be starting up again soon.

All in all Jose's health is still holding up well, things are well. If there is ever a time you need to reach out to Jose or would like an update on him you can email me at the email listed on this site.

Thank you,
Jose Pequeno's Sister

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barbara wagner
By Barbara and Al
Hope this finds you doing well. Was amazed at the video of you driving your own chair, yeah!!!! You are really showing people what you are made of. I did share the info with Dave of the Am Legion,...Keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing you next trip to NH....
Skip Schwarz
Jose--Sorry I won't be seeing you at Loon since retiring last year, but am praying for you daily and apparently by visitor count on this site, it looks like I'm not the only one. Thanking God for Elizabeth and all the love and care she continues to provide you.