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By Barbara and Al — Feb 11, 2014 12:32pm
Got to see Jose,his mom, his daughter and a group of his friends up at Town & Country a few weeks ago.  He was up for the holidays.  Commander Hargreaves and his wife Jan and Al and I had a great visit.  Jose uses a computer now to let people know his wishes and gets to make his own choices and express his opinions.   His therapist has also been working with him on doing some painting and his mom had three of his paintings on her computer, we were very impressed......I suggested she post them on this site as I'm sure all his friends would love to see them.   We did talk to him and although not sure how much he understood, he did react to us so my theory is he understood us just fine....His daughter Alex is now a junior in high school and has become quite the young lady, we enjoyed talking with her and I gave her a photo of her dad from one of our Police Chief conventions .   I think the days excitement wore him out but it seemed like he was doing good and we hope he enjoyed the visit as much as we did.   His mom seems to be doing well and says she has enjoyed her time in New Hampshire.  Joses friends that were there were awesome people and their kids were super good towards Jose, it was nice to be part of it.
Ok, that's my update....hope for more progress next time.
Barbara and Al

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