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Jordan’s Story

Jordan is an amazing girl who was diagnosed with CML (Chronic Mylogenous Leukemia) on February 6, 2006. She was incredibly lucky to receive a bone marrow transplant on June 14, 2006 from an unrelated donor.

In December of 2005, Jordan starting complaining of mild back pain over Christmas break from school. We had recently just purchased some new exercise equipment that she had used and I figured it was a pulled muscle or something. When the condition worsened we made several trips to the Pedi who could not find anything wrong. On December 28, 2005 she awoke at 4 in the morning and the tops of her legs were numb and she was having intense pain in her back. A trip to the ER netted nothing. A couple of weeks later another trip to an Urgent Care facility where they did a back x-ray didn't determine anything either. My unwillingness to let it go, I asked for an MRI to see if she had a ruptured disc or pinched nerve. Feb 1st we had the MRI and that afternoon, her Pedi called urgently telling us to rush to St. Joseph's childrens hospital and see the Director of Oncology. She was admitted that night and diagnosed on Feb 6, 2006 with CML. The first hospital stay was 35 days, 10 days of which was intense induction chemotherapy. The other 25 days were related to a persistent fever. She went back in March for round 2, 8 days of chemo and left on day 8. No more chemo until she received her bone marrow transplant. She started chemo again on June 6, and had the transplant on June 14, 2006. Her donor is unrelated and we found out who he was not too long ago. We are not able to express enough words to properly thank him for his gift of life.

Latest Journal Update


Hi Everyone,

It's been a very long time since we've updated this site. No news is good news.

Jordan continues to do well and is enjoying USF - Go Bulls!

She's been busy doing homework and looking for a part time job.

Her hip is fully recovered, yet her nerve is still not. She is able to walk without crutches or a walker, but uses a small brace on her left foot to keep her toes from dragging when walking and causing her to trip. She takes it off at home frequently and is trying to get her foot to function completely again.

She has been taken off of prednisone now and will be taken off of lots of others meds in the next month or so since prednisone caused her to take the others.

It's amazing how far she has come, it seems like forever, but then doesn't. Strange, but true.

We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season.