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October 30, 2011 -- Sunday morning, the phone rings and we’re given the news that Jon (Jonny) has been horrifically wounded. Jon is, Cpl Jonathan Schumacher, US Marine, Team leader, to the Sangin Operations, 3/7 India Company in Afghanistan.

He dreamed of serving and protecting his country, even as a youth in high school. Yet, it wasn’t until 2008 at the age of 25, that he joined the military and began his service. During training in 2010, he met his lovely, Courtney and her adorable 2-year old son Ethan. They romantically eloped right before he began his first tour. Jon served seven months in grueling conditions in Afghanistan. Upon his return he had realized more how much family means and Jon and Courtney legally changed Ethan’s last name to Schumacher and begun expanding their family. They together with their unborn son make a loving family. Jonny left in September for his second tour. On that Sunday, while on patrol Jon stepped on an IED. He was pronounced a triple amputee while in Afghanistan. He lost both his legs above the knee along with most of his left hand. The skilled doctors were able to save his thumb and index finger. He suffered many superficial injuries as well. He has undergone multiple surgeries in Northern Afghanistan, until he was moved to a different hospital in Germany on November 1. He arrived in Bethesda at Walter Reed five days later. The Marine Corps flew Courtney (32 weeks pregnant) along with Jon's parents to Bethesda. Courtney stayed by Jon's side while he underwent over 15 surgeries a week. She soon delivered their second son Easton at the same hospital Jon was receiving treatment. The Semper Fi Fund was able to fly out their son Ethan along with Courtney and Jon's immediate family. Jon was rushed to the 6 floor as soon as Courtney went into labor. In his wheelchair, he was able to witness his son's birth, cut the umbilical cord, and be the first to hold him. They spent a wonderful Christmas day together. They wheeled his hospital bed into the hall and set up a table with chairs along with decorations Courtney and her mom acquired. A few days after Ethan and the family returned home. Jon, Courtney, and Easton were later transported to San Diego, CA to finish the rehabilitation process. Jon reports to the hospital five days a week. His days are filled with physical therapy, occupational therapy, prosthetic appointments, and regular doctor checkups. Courtney and Easton accompany Jon while Ethan attends a local private kindergarten. They are currently living in military housing close to the hospital with their two sons and their black lab whiskey.  There have been such an outpouring of prayers and support that are so numerous that it continues to amaze his family. There is so much concern and hope for Jon, Courtney, Ethan and Easton, by people from all over the states. The prayers and well wishes being sent up in Jonny’s and the rest of his unit’s behalf has brought comfort and hope to all the family. Prayers from friends and strangers alike are offered up daily, flags are being flown high in honor of his and others’ bravery. The road ahead is long, but this family is grateful to God and to the love and support it has from so many.

 Donations in support of Jon and Courtney:Besides providing your words of encouragement, many of you have asked how you can assist Jon and Courtney financially during this time. Their family has setup an account at Wells Fargo. Courtney is faced with many unexpected costs due to her stay in Maryland and being separated from their son Ethan in California, in addition to their long recovery road ahead. Donations can be made at any Wells Fargo bank. Tell the teller you wish to donate to the "Jon and Courtney Schumacher Support Fund." If the teller can't find it, indicate that they can find the account under the "Confidential" tab in Store Portal and type in "Jon (without an "h") Schumacher in the search field for "memorial/donation" accounts. We are not able to track your generous offering if you provide a cash donation -- so we thank you in advance. The tribute donation link to the left goes directly to the Caring Bridge organization so they can continue to provide this invaluable service to the families and friends of injured and ill loved ones.

 Also, 10 gauge clothing and Wendys have teamed up to raise funds for the family. Please check out to purchase a custom shirt in Jon's honor!

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