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Hi my name is Jonathan Littman (Jonny). I was born November 19,2004. My mom Ruth and my dad Charlie adopted me from a baby. It was the happiest day of their lives. When they came to the hospital and first met me I was just 20 minutes old. The doctor at the hospital told them I had spina bifida and that I may not live. The doctor told them they could just leave me there but my mommy and daddy loved me so much they wouldn't leave. This is where our journey began.........They sent me from Scranton to Childrens Hospital in Philadelphia. That is where they closed my back. I was born with my spine outside of my body and a hole in my spine. We spent months in Philadelphia. Since then I have had over 50 surgeries. (mom and dad lost count). I touch everyones heart who meets me. I am very intelligent and love super heros, video games and WWE wrestling. My dream is to meet some of my heros at the WWE and to get a hand cycle so I can ride bikes with other kids.I have the best family ever! I have three sisters, Josie, Jess and Stacie and a brother Timmy. I love them very much! I have a niece Vanessa and three nephews Dominick, Jordan and baby boo. And a new nephew due to arrive in August.



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Jun 19, 2012 8:06pm

Jonnys wish was granted last night in NY. Keep your eyes on Good morning America in the morning!

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