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John’s Story

John, Johnny, Johnny Y, Woochums... The best Daddy, Brother, Uncle, Husband, Friend that anyone could wish for. 

On November 12, John was admitted to the ICU wing of St. Joseph's in Atlanta, in critical condition fighting spinal meningitis, neurological trauma, and sepsis.  He has since recovered from the meningitis, and was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a rare from of blood cancer. 

John has been undergoing ongoing chemotherapy treatment at the University of Arkansas Multiple Myeloma Institute and St. Joseph's in Atlanta. 

Latest Journal Update

Dad's caregiver seeking Atlanta position

Hi everyone-
I apologize for using this forum to make a request, but I wouldn't do so did I not firmly believe in the talent of the person that I'm emailing on behalf of and the huge benefit that she may serve to those that take the step to hire her.  

Benita R. Powell was my dad's preferred caregiver.  Most of you knew my dad well enough to know that he was ornery to say the least.  Because his illness was so intense and because he sought treatment far from home, he had many different caregivers throughout the process.  Benita was his favorite, and I think that the reason why was because she approached him with intellect, respect, and understanding.  Throughout the process of his dying, Benita had moved from AR and jumped on a plane at the last minute to help us.  While he was under her care, we received several glowing letters from nurses on his floor, completely unprovoked, and stating that she was the most superior caregiver that they had observed.

Benita is trying to relocate to Atlanta sometime this summer from Michigan, and she is seeking roles in both the health care and customer service spaces.  Her upmost goal would be to work at Shepherd Spinal Center.  She has a gift with people, and particularly those with special needs.  I know that many of you are not in the health care field, but I am reaching out to you too because she is only specific to the cause of service in any shape or form.  If you happen to have any leads or ideas that I might share with her, I would appreciate it.  Please email me with those ideas at  We want her closer to home as she became a part of our family.

With love,


1 Comment

Sally Lockwood

I saw what a special person Benita is. Will keep my eyes and ears open, although I'm not in the healthcare field. Will mention it to Jay as he is in medical school.

I'm back from Turkey and had a wonderful trip. Will be in touch with your mother. Want to hear about the Savannah service.