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Monday, April 21, 2014. Boston Marathon

God Bless the 118th running of the Boston Marathon.
Odom/Reis Strong
Boston Strong

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Lorraine White
By Lorraine White
Cheered all our Boston Strong runners at mile 6...Framingham...with the Odom/Reis family in the forefront of my heart....bless you all...bless Boston....oxoxo Lorraine from Framingham
Pamela Smith
By Pam Smith (Tony's sister)
John - your miraculous journey has been an inspiration to us all! God bless you and you family on this historic day and continued blessings in the future. Celebrate this special event with your family!!
Karen Lent
What a year for you Karen & John and family! What a triumph that you were THERE again and that you have accomplished so much and come so far! We all admire your strength and love. Continued blessings, prayers and love from all your neighbors and friends in Redondo. Love & hugs.
Don Knabe
By Don Knabe
God Bless the Odom family! Odom/Reis/Boston strong! God Bless America and the Hands that saved our dear friend John.
Hugs, Prayers and Love, Don and Julie
Pamela Smith
By Pamela Smith
We are glued to radio and TV morning reports -- so nice to hear John's words on 1070 am here in LA! "Keep looking up and forward " -- we loved that interview! Pam and Mike Smith
Ira Schumer
By Ira Schumer
Go runners and have a wonderful day.
E Jenner
May this be a healing day for all of you. Love from a NYC Triathlete!
Donna Allen
I got all choked up when John got all choked up on one of his interviews. I am sure the emotions are like a roller coaster today. May all the runners cross safely and all the spectators have a joyous day.
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Sil Orlando
By Sil
God bless you guys too.