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Saturday, April 19

Hi friends, today has already been an amazing day. John and I walked the BAA Tribute mile surrounded by fellow survivors, first responders and the doctors and medical staff who saved our lives. It is a gorgeous spring day not unlike last year. The streets were lined with well wishers, the feeling electric. John walked the entire route, never using his cane once! Thank you BAA and City of Boston for this opportunity. We love you all! Xoxo
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Irvin Pike
By Irvin Pike
My heart goes out to you and all there. I am so happy for the love and good that has come from such tragedy. May you and John have a wonderful time with good health and happiness for your family. It was wonderful to see you and John in Scottsdale.

Love Irvin and Pamela
Bill Haslet
By Bill and Chauni Haslet
Missing you and your family this year for the big event, but we will be well represented with 13 and 1/2 family members, including Adrianne and Adam, in attendance. Thinking back on those early dark days, we still smile when we think of the times that the doctors and nurses could not get John's vital signs where they should be so Karen would hold John's hand and have a soothing talk with him and he would respond! We also smile when we remember the fact that Karen got "carded" while out and about in Boston last year! Karen, try to look a little more "grown up" this year while you are in Boston! Wishing you and your family the very best and if you get any where near Seattle, lets try to get together.
Kathleen Leonard
By Kathleen Leonard
You and your whole family continue to be in our thoughts and prayers! We are so happy for your success!
Kandy Stahl
By Kandy Stahl
You are BOTH an inspiration. John, you have come SO far. You have been in my heart through this journey as a dear friend of Sid Stolper's. May the road ahead be paved with many blessings for you and your family. All the best, Kandy
Ann Cullen
By Ann and Bill
You're an inspiration to all of us!!
Tom FitzGerald
By Tom & Maureen
WOW! We are so proud of both of you.... It's been a very long year, but what a difference a year has made.
Loved the fact that the group included so many people that helped others. Looking forward to seeing both of you soon...Love, Tom & Maureen
Pamela Smith
By Pamela Smith
We hope you felt us right there with you, every step. Your interview with CBS morning brought joyous tears and awe as you so graciously honored your surgeon and ALL who cared for you while in hospital. Much love, Pam and Mike Smith
Ira Schumer
John did so great and what a time and place to be together ! Thank you for showing us all how strength and faith works.
Don Knabe
By Don Knabe
Odom strong! You continue to inspire us all! Hugs, Prayers, and Love, Don and Julie
Janet Orf
By Janet Orf
So proud of you both. Loved visiting with you.