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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hi friends, john and I are here in Boston getting ready for the finish of the One Run which we were honored to have started in Santa Monica California on March 16th. Congratulation to Danny and Kate those amazing "Brits" who organized his unique relay event to raise money for the continued support of the survivors of last years marathon bombing. Last year they raised $91,000 with 1500 runners and this year they are close to $500,000 with over 2000 runners. UNBELIEVABLE!!
Tonight Sunday 9pm National Geographic will air Inside the Hunt for the BOSTON BOMBERS a documentary including John's journey. 
We're enjoying being back in our home away from home. Xoxo K
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Jack Montijo
Thank God for all he has done for John and you Karen. An almost impossible event to think of,and like a solider in war ,you pray and over come. It takes courage to face something like that and you guys never gave up. God Bless you both
Bill & Michelle Martin
By Bill & Michelle Martin
John and Karen, Hello there Our Friends. Well, here you are continuing Your Healing & Heartfelt Journey . Bill & I Wish You Both and Your Families ALL The Best. :) Take care you two. We love you both Our Friends. God Bless. Bill & Michelle :):)
Fred von Zabern
Looking forward to seeing the Nat Geo Documentary. You guys take care of yourselves. If anybody deserves a great retirement, you guys certainlyl do!
stacie coviello
By stacie coviello
Great pic! Sending prayers!
Julie Hadden
By Julie Hadden
i've got you both in my pocket. jh
Don Knabe
By Don Knabe
Odom strong! Hugs and Prayers, love, Don and Julie
Ira Schumer
Thinking of this event a year ago and what an adventure it has been. Glad you are back there and doing so well. Take care and bless you all.
Lisa Gehrke
By Lisa Gehrke
I hope this Anniversary continues to bring healing to All the Survivors and their Families. Much Love to You from Chicago!
Vicki Wells
By Vicki and Mike
Thinking of you and sending love and prayers for strength.
Tom FitzGerald
By Tom & Maureen
Thanks for update. Lots of articles about the upcoming "anniversary" date. You both have been on our minds a lot right now. We love you both and hope to see you again soon.