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John’s Story

On Monday, April 15, 2013, John, Karen, Donny, Matt & Jacob Reis and Andy & Carolyn Johnson were enjoying a great day at the Boston Marathon.  They were at the finish line waiting to see their daughter, Nicole and friends, Sarah & Erin cross. Just prior to their crossing, the unimaginable happened. An explosion that has forever changed our lives.

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Latest Journal Update

April 22, 2014

Today was everything we had hoped for when we came to Boston last year, a year later, a lifetime ago.
Boston you deserved today, it was electric. 

We had the most amazing two weeks ever. We visited both BMC and Spaulding Hospitals allowing us to personally thank the incredible individuals who first saved Johns life and then gave him his life back. 

We visited Engine 33 Ladder 15 to thank them for their first response and pay our respects for their devastating loss. 

We were humbled to be honored at many Tribute events.
We were  emotionally reunited with fellow survivors and their families.  We walked one mile,  side by side in solidarity was incredible.   To see how far they have come since we left in Sept ,  now that was medicine for our hearts. 

We had a wonderful Easter in  Franklin, visiting friends and former neighbors of Matt and Nicole, it was a perfect day. 

Yesterday, words can't describe watching the finish of the race, shaking hands with Meb, seeing Pat and Jess complete the Marathon on hand bikes in just over 2 hours then standing on the sidewalk waiting for the two amazing young women who ran proudly in John's honor. It gave us the chance to finally experience what we had come to Boston for last year. 
Coming back was important to us for so many reasons,  above are but a few. 
We now have closure of a chapter in our lives that we didn't ask for but one that has given us opportunities,  experiences and relationships we wouldn't trade for anything in the world. 
It has  made us stronger, Odom Strong, BOSTON STRONG
Xoxo K
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Nancy Warren
By Nancy Warren
We have followed your journey through Caring Bridge and certainly admire the way you have lived it. Bill and I are the parents of Dave Warren, Kelly's husband. We remember you from their wedding. We wish you all the best for the coming years. And once again, you have our utmost respect for how you have handled a very difficult recovery.
Peggy Kramer
By Peggy from Gardena, Calif
The words you write come straight from your heart and soul - you do this so amazingly well. Thank you for taking us there.

Nameste (meaning: the light in me, honors and respects the light in you).
Vicki Pellerito
By Vicki Pellerito
Karen,this episode in your life also brought out the ecellent writer in you as well. Great job!
So happy that this story ends happily. The Odoms are strong, especially John. A fellow Centaur and neighbor.
Peggy Kramer
By Peggy from Gardena, Calif
You put into words what your heart and mind see - so amazingly well.

Nameste (meaning the light in me honors and respects the light in you)