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John L’s Story

Welcome to John L. Parker Jr's Information Page. Be sure to read the latest in the journal, and drop him note in the guestbook. John is reading the Guest Book daily. Check the links page for "Again to Carthage" update. & Links to other updates.

John is recovering from a severe cardiac event. He has returned to Florida to continue his recovery..

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers

Jerry Parker

Latest Journal Update


After a through scolding from Mom (deserved) for not keeping this site up to date I sat down to bring all of those following along at home up to speed.

Last Monday the cardiologist in Gainesville successfully shocked John’s heart back in to a normal sinus rhythm. He had been in A-fib since the events of last September.

After seeing him last week it seems as if the events of last year were nothing more than a supreme work of fiction. They of course were not. It just seems hard to believe after all he has been through… to be where we are today.

John is busying himself with the preparation for the reprint of *Once A Runner* and continues to build strength and endurance.

Thanks to all.

Jerry A. Parker