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Welcome to John L. Parker Jr's Information Page. Be sure to read the latest in the journal, and drop him note in the guestbook. John is reading the Guest Book daily. Check the links page for "Again to Carthage" update. & Links to other updates.

John is recovering from a severe cardiac event. He has returned to Florida to continue his recovery..

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers

Jerry Parker


Jerry Parker posted a new journal entry.

After a through scolding from Mom (deserved) for not keeping this site up to date I sat down to bring all of those following along at home up to speed. Last Monday the ... Read more

Tom Delpha signed John L's Guestbook.

Thank you for everything, John. Your prose and style have influenced me beyond words. OAR, ATC, & Runners & Other Dreamers (found a copy on Amazon for $70!) are 3 ... Read more

Steve and Mardi Krone signed John L's Guestbook.

John.. I just got on the Caring Bridge web site because of a dear friend in Oregon who is starting a battle with cancer and your site popped up magically. I had no idea of ... Read more

Wendy Alden signed John L's Guestbook.

Hello from Canada, John, Before I finished reading for the first time, 'Once A Runner,' I thought I'd 'look you up' through Google and at last success! There is no direct ... Read more

Gerard Santamaria signed John L's Guestbook.

Gidday John,                   I am from Australia and in the last 6 months I have downloaded Once A Runner and Again to Carthage from Audible . I am a 15 ... Read more

ethan galowitz signed John L's Guestbook.

Dear Mr. Parker, I am 15 and in my second about to start my second year of highschool running.  I found your book once a runner thrilling, interesting, motivational, and ... Read more

Jennifer Loring signed John L's Guestbook.

Absolutely love Once a Runner - reading it again now (and probably again... and again...).  Used to run the half and the mile and can't get over how accurately you ... Read more

jamie gaudion signed John L's Guestbook.

John--We live in DoverFoxcroft--2 hours from the coast.  I have a 19 year-old son leaving for Colorado State in Gunnison the end of June to ru n x0country.   Both have ... Read more

Tony Franco signed John L's Guestbook.

Hey John, Just wanted to say thanks for Once A Runner - just finished it and was sad for it to end!  Getting ready to read Again To Carthage and just cannot wait to ... Read more

David Tennis signed John L's Guestbook.

John,     I hope you are recovering from your health problem.  I can't wait to read "Once a Runner", as I too trained with Jack Bacheler in 1967 and 1968, ... Read more

Peter Van Andel signed John L's Guestbook.

John: I was going thru some bookshelves to make space and move some of the books 'out'. I knew I still had Once a Runner somewhere and sure enough there it was. Your ... Read more

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