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John’s Story

Welcome to John Dunning's Caring Bridge site. On October 4th John sustained multiple injuries when an F4 tornado hit Wayne, NE and he was forced to seek shelter in a ditch.  

Please visit this site to see updates of John's healing, leave him words of encouragement and to see what help his family may need during John's long healing process.

Latest Journal Update

Signing off....thank you....and goodbye

This weekend marks the six month anniversary of the tornado.  Though healing isn't finished yet and we still have to face ramifications from the storm, Ann and I are both trying to face forward and let life be defined by things other than that day.

I did think, however, that it was appropriate to mark six months, and I did so on facebook this morning.  It's bothered me for some time now that I let the caring bridge site go quietly into the night without a goodbye and thank you - honestly - I just didn't know what to say as we tried to make life less and less about what the site was established for.

This anniversary seems like the appropriate time to do just that.  We so appreciate those of you who have followed our story here, some of you offering encouragement in the comments, and some of you quietly supporting us with good thoughts and prayer.  

For those of you that use facebook and want to stay in touch, you'll find me at https://facebook.com/jodunni1 - I'd love to "friend" you there and stay in touch.  

What follows is my post on facebook from this morning.  If I don't see you there - a fond, heartfelt goodbye and once again - thank you so much.


Six months ago today I spent my birthday wrapped head to foot in bandages, a spot on my left collarbone, my toes, and my face exposed. I slept while surgeons worked their magic, family and friends prayed and worried, and folks back home woke to face the daunting task of cleaning up $50 million dollars worth of damage. 
It has been the most transformative 6 months of my life, to be sure. 
I have learned to love more deeply.
I have learned to approach most of life's problems with a little smile born of having conquered something more difficult than that which I'm facing.
I am more prudent but less fearful.
I am surrounded by people even more beautiful than they were before by virtue of my changed perspective and our shared journey.
I am blessed beyond measure.