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My Story

Welcome to John Dunning's Caring Bridge site. On October 4th John sustained multiple injuries when an F4 tornado hit Wayne, NE and he was forced to seek shelter in a ditch.  

Please visit this site to see updates of John's healing, leave him words of encouragement and to see what help his family may need during John's long healing process.


John Dunning posted a new journal entry, "Signing off....thank you....and goodbye".

This weekend marks the six month anniversary of the tornado.  Though healing isn't finished yet and we still have to face ramifications from the storm, Ann and I are both ... Read more

Korinne signed John's Guestbook.

John,Thank you for sharing your recovery with us. Your message today reminds all of us to never take our health, each sunrise, each cuddle and our joy for granted. Thanks ... Read more

John Dunning posted a new journal entry, "Simple joy".

It's been a while since I posted a "tornado" update, I think for two reasons:  I've wanted to get a handle on this phase of normal first, and frankly, this is much closer ... Read more

John Dunning posted a new journal entry, "This is life".

Our first week home is under our belts and it's been wonderful and productive. Friday was a day I'll never forget, from the tearful and heartfelt farewell at Madonna to ... Read more

Brenda Jackson-Sock signed John's Guestbook.

John, you do not really know me, but I am Derek Bierman's asst. at NECC, and I am extremely happy for your return home!  Some of the best healing is done at home.  I ... Read more

Jeri Sherer signed John's Guestbook.

You are an amazing man, John! God bless you and your family. Best wishes for continued recovery.Jeri ShererWskefield, NE Read more

Kathy Hoile signed John's Guestbook.

Welcome Home John and Ann!  It was so great to see you today.  I feel like we (WSC, Wayne) are finally complete again.  I know you are still healing, but you look just ... Read more

John Skogstoe signed John's Guestbook.

I saw the pictures of your arrival at WSC today.  Words cannot express how happy I am for your remarkable progress.  I am most impressed by your attitude and ... Read more

Bonnie Scranton signed John's Guestbook.

A well deserved welcome, John! Wayne is such a special place, isn't it?  And I have no doubt the four-legged kids will be celebrating your homecoming as ... Read more

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