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Another Year

                          WISHES FOR MY SON

John, on this your eighth Alive Day. there are many wishes I have for you.  On your eighteenth birthday you enlisted in the Army.

   I wish you had talked to me about it first.  I wish I could have talked you out of such a dangerous choice.

On March 14, 2006, I wish you had been standing in a different place or had been involved in a different mission.

I wish that mortar round had not found you with such accuracy. But it was not meant to be so on that fateful day our lives changed forever.

When the challenge of therapy and rehabilitation takes you to exhaustion, frustration and despair,

I wish you could participate in it with the same devotion you gave to your unit and the Army.

On the many nights when you find no refuge in the ever elusive sleep,

I wish I could cloak you in a blanket of peace and calm.

On the days you feel like you have no control and have nothing to live for,

I wish you could remember just how far you have come and what you have conquered.

On the days you say you wish GOD had let you die over there,

I wish you could meet each one of the thousands that prayed for you and your recovery.

On the days when you say you were proud to serve and would do it all again,

I wish you could know how proud I am of you for being so brave and that you are my hero.

I wish you could know how much you are loved and how important you are to so many.

I wish you could realize that you have not reached your full potential and that success awaits you.

I wish you could accept that it is okay to ask for help and to let it be known that you are hurting.

I wish you could accept that though your life is different now, it is still a wonderful life full of blessings and miracles.

I wish you would find happiness and to embrace it, to let go of the past and live for the future.

Life is special because you are in it.