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  • Written Nov 26, 2010 9:27am

    Here we are at Thanksgiving.  I have so many people that I am so thankful for.  I couldn't begin to name all of them, so let me just say I am Thankful for every one of you who have helped me during these last 11 months. 

    I knew it had been a while since I wrote here, but didn't realize it had been since August!  Tthe  month of September is kind of a blurr because I was so busy.  Julia Dacy and I spent a few days in Newport, RI and then I went up to Boston and spent a few more days.  My niece, Nicki and her husband are in Boston and I was able to see them while I was there.  I love Boston because you can walk everywhere in the downtown area.  It's a great place.

    I went on  a motorcycle trip with some friends (Myron & Jeanette Bishman and Jeff & Deb Roepke) to the SW part of Wisconsin (Lacrosse area).  We were lucky to have nice weather the whole time.  We have all been friends since school, so it was a blast.

    Got home from that trip and 4 days later got on a plane for San Diego with my dad and sister, Kathy.  We met my other 2 sisters out there and spent a long weekend with our dad!  He has a sister and brother-in-law that he had wanted to see, so we all decided it would be fun for all of us to go.  It was a wonderful time.

    I loved all the travel, but was also very happy to be home. 

    The next month is going to be just as busy.  I'm involved with a couple of fund raising events the first part of December and then I'm going to FL for a long weekend to spend time with my sister's family down there.  And then it will be Christmas.

    All of my family and friends know how difficult the holidays are going to be for me (and them), so we'll just lean on each other to get through them.

    People ask me how I am.  Really, most of the time I'm ok.  I certainly have some not-so-ok times though.  I know I've said it before, but I am so grateful that I can cry, because it is such a release for me.  I've spent the last 11 months figuring out how to take care of things with just me instead of two of us.  There are so many things that Joe just did and I never had to think about.  But, there are many friends that I can call on and they are always there.  I love you guys.

    So, now we gear up for December.  I've done quite a bit of my shopping, so I won't have to deal with the crowds.  As much as I love to shop, crowds are not my thing. 

    May all of you enjoy this holiday season and remember to take time to just "be" with family and friends.  Cheryl
  • Written Aug 8, 2010 4:55pm

    What a wonderful weekend we had.  All of our performers arrived on Friday afternoon.  I had the most wonderful ride in the P-51 with our good friend, Doug Rozendaal.  The P-51 airplane has always been my favorite, so it was very exciting for me (and it lived up to my expectations.)  

    Saturday morning it rained like crazy and then about 10:30 or so we could see that it was going to clear off.  It did, and it was a beautiful afternoon.  

    The airshow was absolutely fabulous.  I still can't believe that our very talented friends came here and put on one of the best airshows I have seen (although I may be biased!)  They truly are some of the best performers in the country.

    My sources tell me that there were 1,500 - 2,000 people in attendance!  Unbelievable!  We had no idea how many people to expect, but having printed 500 programs, we obviously underestimated!  There were so many friends who came from all over the midwest to honor Joe.

    As I reflected on everything last night, I realized that Joe would have been very happy with all of it.  He loved to "give back", as he always felt that he had been so blessed in life.  He would have loved that so many people were able to see such top notch performers right here in Hutchinson.  Even though the dedication of the terminal was a part of this, the airshow was an even bigger part of the day.  I'm so thrilled that so many people got to see what our life in the "airshow" world was all about.  These people truly are like family to us.

    I can't begin to thank all the people who volunteered time, gave money, and participated in the airshow.  So I will just say "Thank you everyone. You helped make yesterday a most remarkable day in my (and my family's) life.  We are so grateful to you."  We sure know how to throw a party!!!  Cheryl

  • Written Jul 28, 2010 8:23pm

    We are so busy gearing up for the terminal dedication and airshow on August 7.  i've heard from a lot of friends throughout the country who are going to try to make it here.  We are all praying for good weather.  We had a minor setback today when we learned that the group we thought were going to park cars, told us that they were not.  So, now we just need to find 5/6 replacement people.  I'm sure we will.

    All of this planning has been fun, uplifting, humbling, and at times very emotionally challenging for me.  Today, we got to see the plaque that will be mounted in the terminal building.  It is beautiful and a wonderful tribute to Joe.

    I can hardly believe that 7 months have gone by since Joe died.  Many times it still doesn't seem real.  I'm so grateful for all of the awesome pictures that were taken of him over the years.  It gives me a sense of calm to see them and remember all the wonderful times we had. 

    Last night on the TV I heard about Chelsey Clinton's upcoming wedding taking place in Rheinback, NY and I had to chuckle.  Joe and I spent about 4 days there the year before he got sick and it was a great place.  (who goes to Rheinback, NY?)   Over the years we were amazed at all the places we had been and would hear about on the news, or read about in the paper.  Lots of out of the way places.  

    Everyone asks if I am still flying, and yes i am.  I had a fun trip out to Grand island, NE a couple of weeks ago.  A friend needed to get out there, so I took him.  It took me 3 hours (round trip) to do the 700 mile trip,  Oh, I like my Glasair!  I came home and looked on the wall map we have in our basement
    (oh yeah,... that I have in my basement - I do that alot)  to see how far 700 miles would take me.  So, now I know that the plane is plenty comfortable for 3 hours at a time.

    Some good friends of mine, Jim and Mary Christensen are helping me out with my "husband" things. I think I took him back a bit the other day when I told one of my coworkers, in front of Christy that he was my new "husband."  I'm so lucky to have so many friends who will help me out.   There's a lot I can do, but there are still things that I can't.

    I'm looking forward to seeing many of you on the 7th of August.


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