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Happy Birthday Steve!!

Today is Steve's 55th birthday.  I guess I shouldn't be revealing his age, but oh well.  I have attached a photo of him blowing out the candles at his 53rd birthday. Today is also the first day the girls will see their Dad.  Yesterday, they each made him a Build A Bear that represents their different personalities.  Each bear also has a recording in their voice with a message to Steve.  It is heart rendering.  Each day he looks more like himself.  He no longer needs many of the tubes and machines that have been with him.  Without all of his previous encumberments, I can easily kiss him on the cheek.  I believe he knows I am there.  Please keep praying.  It is helping.  
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Brenda Hedden
By Brenda Hedden
I had phone issues for a while, n is how I accessed internet. I regret I'd get tell Steven happy bday, esp after hearing sad heart n prayers with you you n Christ RIP Steven you will be vm missed

I have a page Let's Keep Praying For Steven Lavoie
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Claudette NIcolai
By Claudette and John Nicolai
Sending our continued love and prayers, we think of you all daily.
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By Erik Sprotte

I am wishing you a speedy recovery and hope to visit the next time I am in Chicago. Hope you have lots of candles in your room to remind you of the good old days!
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Meredith Neizer
Jody & Girls,
Wishing Steve many, many more happy birthdays to come. You all remain in my thoughts and prayers each day and know that they are helping with his recovery and your comfort.
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Holly Davis
By Holly Davis
Happy Birthday Steve. You are surrounded by lots of love and prayers and a beautiful family.
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Pam Goergen
By Pam Goergen
I now have about 100 strong women praying for Steve and you. They are members of
My Florida bible study group
Keep up your spirits
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Jennifer alfaro
By Elizabeth and Ben Gordon
Happy Birthday Steve! We and the team at BGSA are praying for you!
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Jen Tuerk
By Jen & Ted Tuerk and kids
Thinking of you everyday. Hearing his girls' voices daily is such a beautiful thing. What a great idea, Jody.
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Scott Musil
By Scott Musil
Prayers are continuously going your way for Steve, you and the girls. May God's grace be with you all.
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Sue Lowder
By Suzi Gooch Lowder
What a wonderful gift. Happy Birthday Steve.
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