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Jamie’s Story

My name is Jamie Gaillard.

It was a complete shock when I was diagnosed with Leukemia in March 2010.  After several weeks of breathlessness, racing heartbeats after just a few short steps, and extreme fatigue, I finally convinced myself to go to the doctor.  After being diagnosed with M.D.S, an early state of Leukemia, I sought a second opinion.  My second opinion showed that I had quickly progressed to a more serious diagnosis of AML within just two short weeks. 

My life was put on hold.

Every doctor had the same opinion - I needed the most aggressive chemotherapy treatment until I could be put into remission, and then I needed an immediate bone marrow transplant in order to survive.  So far this has required two, 28 day stays in the hospital for the chemo.  And will require a minimum 3 month stay for the transplant.

I think I'm one of the lucky ones.  With warnings from transplant doctors that it could take months, years, or that I may never find a donor, I prepared myself for a long journey.  Because of some amazing people across America, that were willing to become bone marrow donors, I now have 2 perfect matches for transplant!  

I am now about to embark on my Bone Marrow Transplant Journey.  

The journal entries on my site will be from this point forward.

A Little Extra...

I am the daughter of Tommy and Heidi Gaillard. My dad is retired from a 29 year career in Information Technology and is currently a college instructor at Alabama Southern Community College teaching computer courses. He is also a pastor with the United Methodist Church currently serving four small rural churches in Clarke County Alabama.  My mom is employed as a Victim Advocate with the Regional Children's Advocacy Center in Grove Hill, Alabama.
 I grew up in Jackson, Alabama and graduated from Jackson Hgh School in 2002. I attended Southeastern University in Lakeland Florida graduating cum laude in December 2005 and earning a degree in Broadcast Communication.  I have worked at a number of jobs related to broadcasting including Apex Media, Calvary Production and the local ABC affliate (Channel 9) in Orlando.  In addition I have done extensive freelancing around the country.

I am currently employed as the Production Manager for Trinity Broadcasting Network.

I am a born again Christian, love the Lord and have a passion for serving Him in life and in my vocational endeavors.

Latest Journal Update


A scholarship has been set up in memory of Jamie for orphaned students in Mexico to receive an education.  If you are interested you can find more information at the links below.

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