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Justin James’s Story

Winter of 2002 a gym teacher suggested JJ see a neurologist. The Dr. had him do a few things and made an initial diagnosis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. They took a blood test and would send the results to the MDA clinic at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee. Our lives changed forever that day.

J.J was born on Father's Day in 1997; he was the typical boy, getting into everything. His mother and I along with his pediatrician never suspected anything was wrong.

December 10th 2002 was the date to find out the blood tests... His mother and I sat in the office with Dr Jacobson being told the results. We spent a long time in that office, talking to social workers, geneticist consolers, nurses. To this day I still can not recall everything they told us.

At the end of the metting ( it lasted like 3 hours) JJ was given a Chicgo White Sox Teddy Bear, that he still sleeps with.

Right now they are enjoying summer, swimming at the lake, or here by us in the pool.

He handles everything pretty much as good as can be expected. He has done therapys, taken his nasty tasting steroid medicine, with out complaining to much.

His big sister is great help! She tries to help him do things he can not, and will even do things for JJ even if he does not ask for help.

I will be updating later, so keep checking back!

Latest Journal Update


I got a Hoyer lift a month or so ago. Found one on craigs list

Jj has only been here 2 times since the surgery so we havent had the need to use it yet.

He is doing great. He told me his back doesn't hurt any longer.