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Jin’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. It has been created to keep friends and family updated about Jin's April 7th mitral valve repair surgery at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City.

Be sure to read the latest in the journal, view the photo gallery, and send messages to Jin in the guestbook.

Latest Journal Update


It's hard to believe that Jenna's surgery was 6 weeks ago yesterday. She is doing great! Her heart is beating normally now and she has gained most of her energy back already. Of course, she's looking forward to the end of school next week but for a kid who missed about 16 days of school 2nd semester she has caught up fairly well.

Here's an email update that I sent out several weeks ago. I forgot to update this site at the same time. My apologies. Life has a way of just sucking you right back into its busyness.
Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on Jenna. She did her post-op follow up appointment at Riley last Tuesday. The ECHO tech and doctors were all quite impressed with Dr. Adams’ repair job. Her ejection fraction before surgery was about 50% (only 50% of her blood was getting thru from the atrium to the ventricle). 2 days after surgery it was 54%. I guess it takes awhile for the enlarged atrium and heart to shrink back to normal size. Yesterday, her ejection fraction was 74%. Normal is considered 55-75%.

Her incision looks good. She still needs to take it easy for a few more weeks before she puts much stress on her upper body. Riley will see her in 6 months and then if everything looks good she will only need to have an ECHO once a year.

Thanks again for your wonderful support. Bob, Jenna, Adam and I appreciate your sticking with us thru this stressful time.

We haven’t stopped for a minute since we got home. Kaytee graduated from IU with a BA in Criminal Justice this past Saturday. We are SO proud of her. She wore cords from 2 Criminal Justice honor societies. There are more pix on my facebook. Becky finishes her 3rd year of college today and will head to Fairfax, Virginia (near DC) in a few weeks to start her 7 month internship. Adam graduates from Covenant 5/30. Academically he’s #4 in a class of 90 (he has over a 4.0). Last week at the Academic Awards Night he got the Science Dept. award, a Hoosier Scholars Award (worth $500) and the Distinguished Christian Student Award. Adam will go to Purdue this fall to study Chemical Engineering on a full scholarship. Jenna continues her writing. She has completed 3 books of her series now. We will probably get the first one ready to send to publishers over the summer and see what happens :)  

Love you all. Please keep in touch! Nanci