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  I see you all grieving and want you to know I miss you too.  There are many loving people with me and many know all of you.  Please know I will always be with you.  Continue your love of others and remember, "WWWD"



Mary Weiss posted a new journal entry.

The cards just keep coming and letters of remembrances of Jim's friends, acquaintances and even those who didn't know him.Thank you again for all and your gifts and ... Read more

jeff morris signed Jim's Guestbook.

you know it been 20 days since your accedent and i still can't get over it. pam and i thin and talk about you all the time. we miss you so much. i know your in a better ... Read more

Bea Meulemans signed Jim's Guestbook.

Mary & Ron:  I was at Jim's memorial but didn't stay for the service. It was too hard for me to stay. And I had a family gathering to attend. I would like to talk to ... Read more

Mary Weiss posted a new journal entry, "Tribute Donations".

Thank all of you for all your caring and gifts, no matter what they may be.I would like to take this time to give a tribute to those that donated to the Caringbridge.  I ... Read more

Julie Peterson signed Jim's Guestbook.

Jim, Saying goodbye yesterday was very difficult, but seeing all the people that loved you and hearing their stories really helped ease that pain. Enjoyed all the ... Read more

jeff morris signed Jim's Guestbook.

ron,mary,dave ,and joseph yesterday was a great celebration of my friend and brothers life, words can't tell you how i felt. i will miss jim very much and i know i ... Read more

Rick Breitrick signed Jim's Guestbook.

Jim, Mom, Dad, Dave and Joseph,  Yesterday was an amazing reflection on how many people's lives Jim had an impact on.  I believe how humble he is...while looking down ... Read more

Mary Weiss posted a new journal entry, "Celebration of Life".

Yesterday, we had Jim’s Memorial.  If you were there in person or in your thoughts, we send our thanks for your prayers and support.  Personal thanks will ... Read more

Hailee Gutenberger signed Jim's Guestbook.

Jim, I can't believe that in a few hours I will be at your memorial. It is so crazy that I saw you not too long before that day. If I would have known it was going to ... Read more

Chris Adams signed Jim's Guestbook.

Jim, you were the brother I never had and will miss you dearly.  For 35 years you were a part of my life and I am so forever grateful.  I miss you so bad.  I just ... Read more

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