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Jim’s Story

News of Jim's accident continues to spread.

We are appreciative and want to thank everyone for your caring, kindness, support and prayers. 

If you want to assist the family and Jim donations can be made through the following site:

Jim grew up in Spokane in Washington state and lived in Washington off and on for many years before finally making Reno his more permanent home.  Most of his closest living relatives still live in Washington or Hawaii.

After retiring from his job as a gun salesman he has found his calling as a true believer in and advocate of Eniva nutraceutical products.  His strong political beliefs have found him fervently supporting the Ron Paul campaign for which he has worked tirelessly.  He was a delegate at the recent Republican National Convention.  For years, riding his Harleys has been one of his great joys.   

At the time of his accident, the evening of September 3rd, Jim was driving up the Florida Coast before he returned home after serving as a delegate at the Republican National convention. 

Jim has a huge and inspiring circle of friends across the country, many who have made contact with us.    

Latest Journal Update


Jim continues to improve each day.  There are good days and better days.  He spends a good deal of time sleeping.  Many days are spent at appointments.
The shoulder pain that has been so intense and troublesome is becoming more manageable.  Getting in and out of bed and dressing aggravates the pain.  He is slowly learning what movements cause more pain and therefore has yet another way aside from drugs to control it. 
His memory seem better each day but we have a long way and many, many months to go before all those synapses hopefully reconnect.  He is aware he brain is not working but indicates he is optimistic, at least when I have talked with him, that his brain can get better.  Currently, simple tasks like brushing his teeth,or trying to organize his Eniva vitamins often drain him and can be very frustrating.  Trying to write, spell or do a math problem is incredibly challenging.  He often fails even the simplest of mental exercises at the moment.
He is probably going to need physical therapy for his shoulder and arm and speech therapy, etc.  Various avenues are being explored to ortain this help for him.  It is still yet unknown as to when he may be able to be more independent. 
At the moment all of his friends in Reno have kicked in to help care for him on a daily basis, get him to appointments, provide his food and help him with paperwork.  All of these people are busy with their own lives but have been selfless in helping with his care. 
Jim is able to use his cell phone and often picks it up.  Short calls from familiar voices will go a long way towards his recovery.  Thank you to everyone for your prayers.