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Jimmy’s Story

In August 2011, Jimmy was in a traumatic car accident while in a news car at work.  He suffered a devastating spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis from the shoulders down. 

We have learned this journey will be long and involved though we've made some important strides.  

We created this website to keep friends and family updated about Jimmy's recovery process. Visit often to read the latest journal entries, visit the photo gallery, and write us a note in our guestbook.

Thanks to those who have taken the time to write incredibly heartfelt messages. Jimmy has seen (or heard) all of them.

Latest Journal Update

Jimmy's Home!

Yesterday Jimmy got home and it was wonderful. He looked around on the ride home like it was his first time riding through Atlanta. Windows down, fresh air and freedom.

He discharged exactly one month from the day that we called the ambulance. Never would have guessed he'd be gone that long.

We got most of the loose ends with Jimmy's health issues tied up. We now have to start making follow up appointments to stay on top of a few things still lingering, but overall, Jimmy is doing pretty well. He's very tired, as expected with trying to resume his daily routine back in the chair. We modified his sitting schedule based on his needs for wounds and recovery. So his time in the chair is limited to about five hours daily as he continues to recover.

We went on our first lunch outing today since being home. Jimmy was very clearly tired when he finally got up in his chair but wanted to push himself to do something since he was up. I guess a month in the bed will do that to ya.

Lunch was good but wiped him out. We'll slowly get back to where we were.

In the meantime, our family is all under the same roof again. Of course now that we don't have to go here and don't have to go there, Spencer is not sleeping the greatest. Hoping for smooth night tonight for her, and for Jimmy, of course, as he continues to adjust back to home healthcare.

Thank you guys so much for all the love and prayers (and likes and shares). It's been a crazy month but we made it through, in better shape than before. We're grateful to you!

I'm also so grateful to how welcoming The Shepherd Center was to our baby. Making a tough situation just a little bit better. 

And when the baby wasn't allowed near Jimmy for that first two weeks, our family and friends stepped up and chipped in when I was desperate. Spencer couldn't have been in better hands.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 
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Carmen Ellis
By Carmen Ellis
Gosh, he looks fantastic!!! Amazing what difference a month will make!! Love y'all!❤️
Jacki Bruning
By Jacki bruning
He looks wonderful! So glad you are home!
Kay Pennington
By Kay Pennington
So glad he is home and getting better! Love and hugs!