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Jimmy’s Story

In August 2011, Jimmy was in a traumatic car accident while in a news car at work.  He suffered a devastating spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis from the shoulders down. 

We have learned this journey will be long and involved though we've made some important strides.  

We created this website to keep friends and family updated about Jimmy's recovery process. Visit often to read the latest journal entries, visit the photo gallery, and write us a note in our guestbook.

Thanks to those who have taken the time to write incredibly heartfelt messages. Jimmy has seen (or heard) all of them.

Latest Journal Update

3+ Weeks Hospitalized

Jimmy has been in the hospital for over three weeks now. With that in mind, he's in pretty good spirits.

He was supposed to have a swallow test on Monday, but there has to be someone in radiology from Piedmont (the hospital next door) available to perform the x-Ray - and there wasn't until Wednesday. So, we're told it will happen in the afternoon, tomorrow. Not sure of exact time.

If he passes the swallow test, I'm sure Speech will want to work with him on diet, what foods to eat and how, etc.

In the meantime, if nothing else, he's been resting, getting proper nutrition from feeding tube (and gaining much-needed weight) and getting attention and care on his two skin wounds.

OH! And, he's been working with his respiratory team on vent-weaning. He's done anywhere from 3-5 hours off the ventilator for the last few days. This after they maxed out his DPS (diaphragm pacers) settings to help him get more out of it.

That's huge that he's even feeling up to do that.

For me, there's great improvement in his condition. He's awake most of the day. He hasn't done this in a long time before hospitalization. He talks about food and wanting his favorites. He hasn't been interested in food or been able to fathom actually eating a decent amount of something in a long time. He can listen to my BS. Whatever I wanna talk about - he has energy to listen and respond.

We're getting back to our normal.

Will keep you all posted on the swallow test, diet and imminent discharge.

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Cheryl Loftis
By Cheri Loftis
He is such a brave man!
I am the type who can't seem to just let things go and accept what is!
I give you both so much praise and credit for being straight up bullet proof for each other. that's what it takes when you are dealt a hand like this. My Jimmy fought so hard to beat cancer and he did 5 times. the last time was too much. I wish I could kick my own butt because I know it does no good to be pessimistic. Y'all are my heroes too! Your daughter is precious! Sending many prayers and joy beyond measure! <3
Bye for now!
Mark Bell
By Mark Bell
Sounds all promising. You're both SO strong! Keep the faith!!
Kay Pennington
By Kay Pennington
So glad things are looking up! Continued prayers. Love and hugs!
Jody Carpenter
By Jody Carpenter
As I'm continuing to recover from my own spinal surgery; I continue to pray for you and Jimmy. I pray for your whole family is better than ever. Please God and friends keep Jimmy and Jamie in your best care.