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Jim is now home!!!

Northfork Bank Center Paonia

Attn: Jim Lord Fund

Paonia, CO 81428

(970) 527-5488

Jim was involved in an altercation on August 11, 2007, he arrived by ambulance to St. Mary’s Hospital early morning of August 12, 2007. Jim returned home on August 5th from Rapid City where his daughter still remains in critical condition from a motorcycle accident and is still in the ICU at Rapid City Regional Hospital. Jim’s current condition is also critical with a severe brain injury and skull fracture.



Jan 10, 2009 7:57pm

well for those of you that are still reading this I am sorry for not updating. We are threw the trial the sentencing will be the 30th. lets keep our fingers crossed just alittle longer!
Jimbo isnt doing so well he doesnt want to do anything but lay in bed, watch tv and sleep. he has bowed out of therapy and everything else. I am checking into another in patient program maybe they can get done what craig didnt.


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