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Welcome to Jim's CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.


Lauren Bohlig posted a new journal entry, "Everday is a new day".

Still holding strong here over at Mayo Clinic. We've had a couple bumps in the road and have been moved to a different department of Mayo until Jim is fully ready for ... Read more

Laura Seward signed Jim's Guestbook.

Fretham Family ~ thoughts and prayers for your recovery.  I'm sure its so good to be back in MN and Mayo is top notch for healthcare. Best wishes for continued healing. Read more

Kathy and John Smith signed Jim's Guestbook.

You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday.  I went for at least 5 weeks till I wanted company.  It is to exhausting.  Your wellness is all that counts now. Read more

Leah Hansen signed Jim's Guestbook.

Hi Jim and Beth,So glad to hear you got moved safely to Mayo. Great picture of you and your family! Keep fighting and we will talk to you soon!Rick Hansen Read more

Lauren Bohlig posted a new journal entry, "Fretham Strong!".

Being here at Mayo has given us all great relief. Jim has been here since Tuesday July 15th, arriving by fancy leer Jet with Mom and Caitrin. They got him all settled in ... Read more

Lauren Bohlig added a new photo.

Jude Lujack signed Jim's Guestbook.

Hi guys, u have been on my heart so I thought I'd drop u a note to let u know I'm thinking of u all and that my prayers r with u, boy that prayer is a powerful thing, so ... Read more

Harold Hinshaw signed Jim's Guestbook.

Good morning Frethams.So great to know how much you are all so LOVED. The out pouring of love and prayersis inspiring. We are all so pleased that Mayo and all its ... Read more

Jude Lujack signed Jim's Guestbook.

Hi frethams, Beth ur dad has been keeping me posted on ur families progress. It's been yrs since I have I seen u but I remember u from Babcock dr. It saddens me to know ... Read more

Denise Madery signed Jim's Guestbook.

Hi Jim,                This is Teresa Louk's cousin that use to ride the bus with you when we were all in high school. Teresa told me that you were in the ... Read more

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