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Jim’s Story

I have embarked on a journey I never thought would take place, especially this soon in my life. I have been thrilled and appreciative of all the support and love I have felt from the many calls and e-mails during this time. This will be a difficult road ahead so I thought this website would be the best way to keep in touch with everyone.

About 10 weeks ago I began to have some pain in my stomach and abdomen. Did not think that much about it and let it go for a couple of weeks without seeing a doctor. Well, it never went away and made an appointment to see a GI doc. He ordered a sonogram to take a look at the stomach and specifically the liver. I went back in a couple of weeks and he said I had fluid around my liver and that it might be ulcers. I have never had ulcers but I thought why not and began taking Nexium(the little purple pill) for three weeks and he thought that would take care of it.

After three weeks I went back to the GI and still had the stomach pains and actually began to feel bloated in the abdomen. The GI ordered a CT scan and would check for fluid in my stomach. On October 15th I went to out patient and did my CT scan. Well, not only did he find fluid, but they drained 4 liters of fluid from my stomach. I was totally shocked but still did not think much about it. However, when I met with the GI on October 21st he told me that the walls of my parataneum did not look good and there was a nodule on my left lung and one on my right. Not a good sign. I started going to a Vanderbilt GI named Howard Mertz. He ordered a biopsy on October 29th and so I went in for the procedure and the results came back on Friday, October 31st as probably colon cancer.

November 5th – performed the upper and lower GI today and the results were a little different than first indicated. The cancer is not directly in my colon but just outside the colon near the appendix. This kind of cancer is called Appendiceal adeno carcinoma and it shows a 1 inch tumor attached just outside the colon. It is a much more rare type of cancer but will probably be treated the same way as colon cancer. My oncologist has ordered a PET scan on Monday and we will meet Tuesday to determine the exact course of action. We could begin treatment as early as end of next week.

Because this is a more rare type of cancer, the oncologist is consulting with collegues and studies to determine best chemo treatment. You may ask why don’t they just cut the appendix out? I don’t believe that is an option right now because of the spreading. I will try and learn more tomorrow and share with everyone. I really hope we can start treatment ASAP, I am ready to start attacking this disease and rid my body of this evil!

Latest Journal Update


Hey everyone this is Rebekah, 
so today was the one year anniversary of my dad's death. I know this may have been hard for many of yall and brought many memories back. Honestly today has been a very refreshing day for me. Everyone has said that the first year is the hardest so thank God it's over. This past year has been really hard for me, but i think things are just now starting to turn around. I think everything will go up from here. I hope that yall are comforted knowing that i am dealing with this well and am finally getting a hold on all my emotional stuff. Thanks for thinking of us on this day.

God is SO good.