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Hello again everyone.

I'm sure many of you have heard about this by now, but some of the extended followers may not have heard yet: last Monday the trach tube finally came out.  Hopefully it is for good.  So far there have been no problems to report other than an initial issue trying to seal up the stoma.  The hospital had used an adhesive bandage over the gauze that would create leaks anytime increased pressure was applied to the lungs.  The result was an inability for Jim to get enough air going through his voice box to speak.  We finally settled on an ace wrap bandage to tightly hold a sponge in place over the gauze.  Mary Kay reported today that it is working like a champ.  Thank you Jennifer from SyKora for your suggestion.

What this means is the days of trach suctions and nighttime ventilators has come to an end.  He currently can't use the bi-pap machine because it compromises the bandage over the stoma.  Hopefully his breathing stays strong so that machine becomes a thing of the past.  Then it's on to increasing quality of life which hopefully will include an overnight in Irma at some point.