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Hello Everyone.

It's been a few days since I've done an update, but with Dad flat on his back 24/7, it takes a few day to accumulate some news.

If you are keeping track, Dad will pass the halfway point of his bed rest tomorrow night.  He is very happy about that!  Even though we have worked to make the whole experience less boring for him, it still sucks to have to look at a white ceiling all day long!  We read to him a lot, he listens to ballgames, and Saturday night, Dad was able to sort of watch the movie "Sahara" with Mike and me.  Add to this numerous neck massages and head scratches, and we make it work.  The doctor is very pleased with Dad's nutrition through all of this, despite the eating at a 10 degree angle, and he has set a release date of Sunday, September 12 if all continues to go well.

But since we all know there's a yin and yang to life, with the good comes a little not-so-good.  On Thursday, Dad was put on a 6-week course of antibiotics for a bacteria that was detected on the bone beneath the sore.  The doctor was not overly concerned about this bacteria and said that it's easily treatable, but the antibiotics are heavy-duty.  And they are administered through an IV, which means Mom and I are going to learn another new skill before Dad leaves Froedtert.  He also developed a UTI around the same time, but at least the antibiotics treat both bacterias.  We also found out today that there is a slight breakdown of a part of the skin below the area of the surgical site.  It may be as simple a fix as being able to turn Dad slightly using a pillow, but we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out.  Mom thinks that it's a combination of Dad sweating and spasming (a typical occurrence with the long-duration bed rest) and that hopefully a slight turn will allow the area to get more air during the day.

That's all the news fit to print tonight.  Again, Dad would LOVE to have visitors.  If anyone in the area or anyone who wants to swing down to the area would like to see him, it's a great time.  He isn't ill so he's up to chatting and he'd LOVE the distraction!!