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Hello Friends and Family.

There is not all that much to report today.  Dad is still doing well physically.  His vitals are excellent and his lungs are doing so well that he has been taken off of the medical service entirely.  He is now only being monitored by the plastic surgeon and the SCI department.  Today the doctors noticed a small red spot on Dad's left hip about the size of a pencil eraser and they turned him slightly so that he was off the site to see if it would take care of itself.  The last thing we need is to develop another sore when we've worked so hard to get rid of the first one!!

As Mom said yesterday, this stay at the hospital is harder in some ways than the initial stay at Froedtert last year.  Mostly it is the boredom factor of being on his back for 3 weeks.  But as of Thursday, we'll have logged one week already so we are trying to be positive.  Jon reads the paper to Dad when he comes in the morning and Mom and I read to him when we come in the afternoon.  Right now, I am reading Dad a biography of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier, Mom is reading a book by another quadriplegic about his experiences with experimental procedures, and Dad is listening to a novel on CD.  We have almost mastered the art of feeding Dad when he's only at a 10 degree angle, which is good because nutrition is very important to his healing.  But it's a quieter day this go round without all of the therapy and nurses coming in every 15 minutes, etc.  So if there are any of you here in the Milwaukee area that would like to have a visit--or if anyone is looking to make a day trip to visit--this would be a great opportunity.  It's hard for us to keep Dad entertained all by ourselves!!

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers and well-wishes.  We are hopeful this recovery period will go as well as can be expected and that Dad will be home by mid-September.