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Good Afternoon

I thought I would give everybody a quick update before Bethany probably writes one tonight.  Jim arrived at Froedtert at around 2:00 Monday afternoon.  The first thing the staff said was that the sore was not the worst they had seen.  So that gave us a boost of confidence in the procedure.  The surgery will be performed tomorrow at 1:00 in the afternoon.  After that it's three weeks of laying flat on his back to allow for the surgery to take.  He can "sit up" for 15 minutes at a time to eat, but at no more than a 10 degree angle.  This is a bit of a concern because he depends so much on gravity to assist with swallowing.  After that, they will slowly build up his stamina in the chair, first 15 minutes two times a day, then 30 minutes three times, and so on. 

We have been feeding Jim well since he got down here, Hungarian goulash last night with garden fresh tomatoes and tonight, tuna and zucchini fish kabobs with tomatoes and homemade pickles tonight.  So far he has been eating all of it.  And despite the setback of deja vu, we've assured him that the only difference between going to Froedtert and going to Wausau is the distance to go home.  No intermediate trips to Mountain View this time.  Heck, if they allow him to leave the hospital during rehab for any length of time, a Brewer game may be in the works.

Finally, anyone wanting to send cards, he is still in 5SE at Froedtert although he is now in room 8 instead of 14.