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Jill’s Story

Jill began feeling under the weather early Halloween morning.  Maybe just a flu bug? She kept tabs on her symptoms, called the nurseline, and tried to rest and drink fluids like they say you should.  The nurseline and clinic told her it sounded like it might be H1N1 but since there's not much treatment, she should stay home and rest.  Finally, Mom stepped in on Tuesday, November 3 and took her to Urgent Care.  Upon evaluation, they recommended her go to United Hospital as soon as possible.  Jill was admitted to the ICU with pneumonia, bacterial infection, and possible H1N1. She fought hard for over 24 hours to let her lungs do the work with some supplemented oxygen and antibiotics. She grew exhausted and chose to continue the fight against the "junk" with the help of a ventilator in the early hours of Thursday, November 5.

We all know what a fighter Jill is and how stubborn she can be...more so than any bacteria or virus out there, I'm sure.  She is surrounded by her family, their prayers, and yours.  Keep 'em coming!