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Two year update

Hi everyone,

We just got back from Florida, where Josh had his two-year checkup. All of his tests were completely normal. He didn't even have to have a liver biopsy, which is usually standard at the two-year checkup. He is doing remarkably well and the doctors are very pleased. He will still have to have checkups every four months for the next year. Most people transplanted due to PSC would only require once-a-year checkups after this point because the chances of the PSC coming back after the first two years are reduced. The cholangiocarcinoma requires additional scans more often, so if anything does pop up it can be caught early. But all of Josh's lab work was normal, including his tumor markers, and the various scans showed no signs of recurrence.

We also visited Disney World and SeaWorld this time while we were in Florida. Josh had no problems walking around the parks all day and riding the roller coasters. We had an amazing time! 

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Jenny and Josh