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Jessica was diagnosed with Leukemia today, and we want to make sure everyone is updated as she begins her fight. In perfect Jessica style, she showed up to the doctor in high heels and looking beautiful as usual, and she stayed so strong as she talked with the doctor about her next steps. Jessica's white blood cell count is what alarmed the doctor, as her count was 385,000 (normal is around 10,000.) She will have her first appointment tomorrow morning at the Kirklin Clinic where she will hopefully learn what type, stage and treatment she will undergo. The doctor said over 90% of people her age with leukemia go in to full remission, and that she has never seen anyone look as great as Jessica still does to be so sick, so that's even better news.




Jan 5, 2012 12:52pm

Arrangements for Jessica Hardin:
Norwood Funeral Home in Fayette, AL
Friday visitation 5-8 pm
Saturday service 2 pm
Don't forget to register to be a bone marrow donor: http://marrow.org/

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