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Jessica’s Story

A benefit for Jessica will be held on August 13th 4:00 to 10:00 PM at Jefferson High School in Bloomington MN. Donations can be mailed to Jessica Darling Care Fund c/o Chris and Kevin Horrocks 13626 Upton Avenue South, Burnsville MN 55337-2129

Jessica Darling is the twenty-one year daughter of Mark and Kathy Darling. Mark is the co-founder of Evergreen/> Community/> Church/>/> and founder of The Rock. She has one sister, Celeste (who is married to John Rundquist), and two brothers, Jeromy (who is married to Gretchen) and Micah.

Many of you know that for the past two years Jessica Darling has suffered extremely poor health. It originally stemmed from what they thought was the onset of a severe viral infection, which eventually spiraled her health downhill, involving numerous infections and a culmination of compounding health issues. This eventually caused her immune system, as well as other systems, to break down and with that came great levels of pain. Many top medical specialists (even at the Mayo Clinic) got involved and countless tests were taken to nearly no avail. Some of the doctors even tried treating Jessi with some of her prominent problems, which actually weakened her immune system and made her even worse.

This is when they sought out alternative medical help, where she was initially encouraged to start rebuilding her immune system naturally, to help get her body ready for the next phase of possible treatments. She then, more recently, met with a renowned Naturopathic doctor in Tucson, Arizona who was able to run some very specific and in-depth tests that eventually concluded that she has a severe and toxic bacterial invader that has gone systemic and that has been keeping her body totally unbalanced. She most likely contracted this from food poisoning probably two years ago (rather than a virus) and it has gone undetected all this time.

Jessi and her mom flew down to Tucson, Arizona six weeks ago to a naturopathic medical clinic where Jessi is still currently being treated with Ozone-Oxidation therapy to help detoxify her body of the toxins and to also rebuild her immune system with nutritional IV’s and natural supplements. She is seeing some slow, but positive turn-around results happening and is staying hopeful and courageous and desires to honor God through all of this.

This has been a persevering faith journey for Jessi and her entire family, as they continue to trust in God’s sovereign plan and want for His best timing to restore Jessica’s health. The Darling family is very grateful for the way in which people have rallied to share in their burden by all of their heartfelt prayers as well as their active and financial support.

Latest Journal Update


Health and Prayer Update for Jessica

Dear All,

We thought it would be good to update you once again on Jessica's current health condition. We are so thankful that God has continued to remain the Blessed Controller of her life and that His way are good and perfect and timely in restoring her health and in fulfilling His purposes on her behalf. We cannot thank you enough for your earnest, heart felt prayers that continue to turn the hand of God and continue to fill Jessy with renewed hope and cheer! and for your generous financial gifts that have helped immensely for all her medical costs.

"Your generosity is like a lovely fragrance, a sacrifice that pleases the very heart of God" Phil 4:18

We are encouraged that her progress continues to steadily move forward (even though she had quite a set back after recently attending the Faithwalkers conference - but nothing can replace the tremendous boost of encouragement that it was to her soul!) She is maybe close to 50% better, we praise God!

"I am very hopeful that I am on the right track and that I am under the care of a very brilliant and compassionate doctor, and by God's grace, I'm striving to take all the right measures to help me get better and I'm confident in the Lord that one day, it will happen. No matter how awful or painful my day is, God has always been so faithful to carry me through and to remind me of His love and grace and to pray without ceasing. I sincerely wanted to thank you again for your generosity and your prayers it means more to me than you will ever know!" Love in Christ, Jessa

She recently took some new blood, stool and saliva tests that we were able to take and discuss the results with her doctor. We were pleased to find out that the tests indicated that almost half of the toxic organisms were gone or at a minimal level! Some of her food sensitivities were decreased. Her increased appetite and getting back to a reasonable weight are showing progress is being made as well. Her blood pressure has remained normal also.

On the other hand, some of her blood work still came back abnormal and she still has detection of at least 5 toxic organisms that are still more in the moderate range, including the toxoplasma (since it actually went systemic in her body) she still has significant amounts of muscle/tissue/bone pain. The tests also indicated that her pancreas is still working poorly at producing any ensyme activity. But these issues including the others are being carefully treated with special supplements, meds, injections and remedies. But no more IV's for now! She still battles with a continual inflamed skin area due to the detoxing still taking place. Her endurance level is still quite low, but she has been able to make it to church and limited outings (including seeing her new nephew!)

We gratefully appreciate your earnest prayers for her continued recovery and for all that God wants to accomplish as we wait upon Him.

"I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord. Be strong and let your heart take courage. Yes, wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:13-14