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Jesse’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. We've created it to keep friends and family updated about Jesse. 

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Jesse had been experiencing stomach discomfort for several months when he decided to make his first visit to his primary care physician at the beginning of August 2010. Jesse was started on omeprazole, a prescription-strength medication that helps control heartburn-like symptoms. After taking this medication for a month, Jesse did not feel his symptoms had improved. Jesse followed up with his primary care physician a couple more times, the last being Friday, November 12.

At this visit, Jesse had lost 40 pounds since his first visit in early August. The primary care physician was extremely concerned and scheduled Jesse for an endoscopy on Monday, November 15. For this test, Jesse had to swallow a camera that a GI specialist used to look inside of Jesse's stomach. Right away, the GI specialist knew Jesse's stomach did not look good. He pulled 12 biopsies and ordered more lab tests.

After the endoscopy, the GI specialist expressed to Jesse and I that he had a strong suspicion for cancer. He had to rule out infection first, but that was quickly ruled out when Jesse's pathology came back: adenocarcinoma of the stomach that had spread to lymph nodes surrounding the stomach. The lymph nodes were apparent in the CT scan the GI specialist had scheduled for Jesse the day following his endoscopy.

With this result, Jesse and I were referred to Oncology. We had our first visit with Oncology on Tuesday, November 23. The oncologist ordered a PET scan for Jesse to get a complete look at his entire body to see the stage of Jesse's cancer as well as if the cancer has spread anywhere else in his body. The oncologist also informed us that chemotherapy is the first treatment step when treating stomach cancer. After some testing to evaluate Jesse's current nutrition level and whether his heart is strong enough to undergo chemo, we are scheduled to start intravenous chemotherapy on Tuesday, November 30.

We should receive the results of the PET scan in the next day or two. We still have a lot of questions and are hoping to get a prognosis from the PET scan results. We intend to post all updates to this website as we receive them.

Latest Journal Update


Hello, all. I have created a new website, a blogspot, where you all have the option to choose to follow any continued updates on Jesse's behalf, including email reminders. The blog also allows you to post comments similar to the Guestbook option on here. I just feel the time has come to transition off caringbridge because we're no longer dealing with an illness. I will be posting memorials and things related to Jesse's legacy on this blog, so I welcome you all to continue following. This is the new site:

I have copied and pasted into this new blog every journal entry from this site as well as every guestbook entry, so they will never be forgotten. I get caught up re-reading the posts Jesse gave on here, and my feelings are mixed. I miss him. I miss him so very much. I'm sad for all the hope we had of winning our battle, but focusing now on the importance of sharing what we went through for those who are just beginning, in the middle, or at the end. What to expect, what to do different, or just knowing someone else has been there and been through it.

Now, I can relate to a much broader spectrum of people who have experienced loss. Heartbreaking, life-changing, devastating loss. My heart goes out to all of you that might have experienced such a loss. I am so sorry. Thank you to all of you who have posted reassurances to me on here. Every person experiences this grief differently, and I want nothing more than to be reassured that I'm doing the right things. I understand my grief process will play itself out over time, as much time as I want or need, but it is important to me that all of you who loved and cared for Jesse deeply, feel comfortable and reassured about how I continue on his legacy. Trust me. Jesse trusted me, and I will never let him down. Hope to see you all on the blog.