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Thanks to everyone for the birthday love, I'm healthier and stronger than I was at 30 so cheers to that. Everything seems to be ok with the hips, I say "seems to be" cause I don't trust my body but in all reality things are great and continue to get better. Of course there are still big swings up and down, I've felt like shit the past two weeks.. Shit myself, throwing up, fevers, high blood pressure, but even with that I've been able to make all but two therapy sessions. I'm ahead on most therapy goals and finally had a great hand therapy session after weeks of poor performance so I'm feeling pretty good about that. The only reason I'm able to have this success is the love and support of my family, particularly mom and dad. They do so much so I can focus on getting better and without them I'd be waaaaayyy more fucked than I already am. Their love and support gives me hope for my future. As usual for my b day I had dad grill steaks and mom made cheesy potatoes and asparagus. Really enjoyed having the fam over for dinner tonight, you can't pick your fam but if I could I wouldn't change anything. I'm sure my aunt and uncle next door are happy winters on its way, they spent all summer taking care of my big ass yard so as payment I invited them to my birthday party. Some retirement, it's fucked up, upside down I should be mowing their yard for them but they do it cause they love me and just want to help. How incredibly lucky am I to have this family? It's overwhelming and leaves me guilt ridden, I can't even take care of myself, how can I repay everyone? Or just my parents or just one person? I can't. I can bust my ass and try to get better so that's what I do. I'm working on a new video so I can keep you guys updated with what I'm up to in therapy, I felt like broken record with my entries. The home equipment ie Bioness, fes, therapy mat, etc are key to my continued improvement so thanks to all who've helped me procure various items. I've been able to get out to some concerts and have some fun as my health improves, went to the chiefs game Sunday and without the horn from my wheelchair I'm sure we wouldn't have set the world record for loudest stadium. I recently heard back from Dr. Susan Harkemas team in Louisville, she's doing some really cool state of the art therapy. If I get accepted I may go to Kentucky for few months but that's looking way ahead. Happy to hear from her though. Excited to go to the KU practice Saturday morning then off to Baldwin to cheer on my bro at the Baker football game. Thanks to everyone for the continued support, much love.