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I figured I better get a update out before I blow off May completely. I really appreciate everyone's support on here even though it can be strange having people I've never met feel so close. Don't get me wrong, it's a great thing but its also overwhelming. Needless to say I wouldn't be where I am without those of you who follow, care, and contribute. Sometimes it's hard for me to get excited about how everything's going, I see everything I'm missing out on and although my recovery is going very well it's also going very slow. My hand therapist and I are very excited about some extension showing up in my thumb and forefinger, it's not really good enough to show anyone outside of a therapy setting cause the movement is that small but I know I can increase the range of movement as long as I stay at it. I owe this advancement to the bioness units, I'm incredibly lucky to have access to state of the art equipment that's making a difference. thanks to those who made that happen. The biggest disappointment right now is my right shoulder. I'm still completely off bench pressing. Gains are so few and far between to lose ground can be so defeating, then I remind myself what I'm doing isn't easy and its because of times like this. Instead of looking weeks, months, or years ahead I slow down. Look at my most pressing issues and figure out the best way to attack the next 2-3 days. Get myself healthy and rested and get back to work. I caught one of the flu bugs thats been going around last weekend and that has just been delightful. I'm finally feeling better, ate everything in sight the other day it's nice to have my appetite back. Having that behind me I should be good to hit it hard next week. I'm still working my meds down however I can. I've whittled my daily baclofen intake down to 35mg from 80mg. I just lowered it 5mg right when I got sick so I may have compounding issues there but I tend to stay the course and ride it out opposed to throwing more meds at it or changing other aspects. Things at my house are great, I have a lift over my couch so I can relax in the living room and Dad just got my hot tub up and running with a lift over it. I haven't got in yet but I'm looking forward to it, figured I better be over the flu before hot tubbing. Right before I got the flu I had a great week at therapy even though I didn't feel the best. Had record days on the omni and with weights, standing therapy is going well, my FES numbers get better with each session but its been a week since I've been on it due to the flu. My legs are looking much better with FES and in just over a month my precautions should get lifted allowing me more range of motion and freedom of movement. Managing my home care has been a pain for my family and I, I'm just lucky I have them to fall back on. My brother has been picking up shifts and its great getting more time with him. Taeler has officially moved back so, for now anyway, we have everyone in the area. So good to have her back. Enzo is getting so big. He likes going on rides in the wheelchair and is usually pretty good around his uncle Jerod. Brit and Steve put a lot of effort into coming to Lawrence, its great having a close family.