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Things are still going great even though it gets frustrating at times. I make little improvements all the time but its not enough. My successes lately are more intangible but overall I'm feeling better. I still struggle with sleep, I can manage with meds but the goal is to be off of those. My spasms have been up and down, really not much worse considering I've cut my daily baclofen dosage in half. Hoping to work myself off of the baclofen eventually but I want to be cautious. Progress has stalled out on my right shoulder here recently, not sure what's going on but we're addressing it across the board in therapy. The smallest gains require mountains of work to be done and sometimes it feels as though its all for not but imagine where I'd be if I quit working. It's so easy for the scale to tip in the wrong direction and begin losing ground, whether from working too hard or not enough. I'm still building my weekly regimen it just feels as though I've hit a plateau and I'm struggling to break through. My biggest goals right now are to 1) consistently and successfully get through my whole weeks workout which really centers around my ability to sleep. 2) spend more time self propelling in the manual chair and 3) get outside more often. My home workouts with FES and the Bioness units are going well. I'm getting new pulses and twitches in my hands and sometimes a tiny bit of voluntary movement. My hand therapist and I are excited and can't wait to see what else develops. I think my legs are finally looking a little better and I'm getting more used to my FES sessions and am able to go for longer. It just takes so much patience. At least the weather is getting better, sunshine helps everything. Still very grateful for all my friends and family, you guys make the fight worth fighting.