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Man i am up and raring to go at 3 am, this will suck... today ... but at least im feeling better. Been a shitty week but march was pretty good overall. Another successful and exciting bball season in the books that feels bitterly cut short but in reality the sweet sixteen is a good run. As my energy gets better I have more will to get out and do things so when my dad propositioned me to attend a few games I hesitantly obliged. I used to love partying it up all weekend (and most the week) for the Big XII tournament, whether it was at Kemper,Sprint, in Dallas or Oklahoma, it was always a great time with my Dad. I miss the way things used to be and I'm working hard to get as close as I can to it but that didnt stop us from having a good time these last few weekends. Dad, Cale, and I went to KU vs. KSU and Taeler joined us for KU vs. UNC Dad figured out how to maximize the benefits of handicapped seating and ended up with pretty good seats for both games. Love watching my hawks win. For the NCAA Tournament my pops hung his big screen above mine and set up his tailgating satellite dish on my patio. Not too shabby, I told him he can't take his TV back until after the Masters and he seems to be ok with that. Just trying to get through the weeks right now, some days I have more energy than others but overall I feel it's trending in the right direction. Finally I was able to get my FES bike set up and I'm good to go 30 minutes three times a week until my hips finish healing. It has been so long since I was able to cycle and to be honest getting back into it will take some getting used to. Right now the bike kicks my butt however as time goes on I'm sure I will warm up to it. The 2nd was Enzo's first birthday, I can't believe he is one already !! Brit and Steve are great parents and its so fun getting to spend time with them as we did last weekend at Zo's party. Enzo came along at the perfect time for our family and its been amazing watching him grow and learn over this past year. My Grandpa Petrie turned 80 at the end of March and even though there was a blizzard on the day of his party we still had a big turnout. My cousins from Florida came up for the party and it was good to see them and get the whole family together for the first time in years. My dad and Brityn also had birthdays at the end of March making this time of year super busy for us and gave Tae another reason to make a trip home. It was great to see Taeler as always and hopefully she finds a job closer to home. My blood pressure has been on the low end lately and I've been battling something, with so much diminished sensation it's tough to pinpoint what's ailing me at times but I can tell Im on the mend and that's what matters. Wish I could start therapy right now in the middle of the night, I feel great at the moment. I love this time of year. Winter is getting its last punches in but the days are longer and more and more spring shines through. I need to kick ass at therapy the rest of this week and do some extra this weekend to make up for slacking off these past few days. Let you guys know how I do.