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Golden Hurricanes

It's been quite a crazy week but in a good way. All is well on the therapy front, finally building up my routine and the weeks are becoming a little easier to get through. As of now I've built my schedule up to 3-4 hours a day of therapy Monday-Friday at Pioneer Ridge then Monday-Thursday my chiropractor Scott Risley stops by, Monday, Wednesday, Friday I have pool therapy and finally hand therapy on Tuesday and Thursday. I try to use my Bioness everyday and have come up with some new ideas for utilizing them. I get prone (lay on my stomach), and then every night I wear my dynasplints for my knees, my abduction wedge for my hips, and wear my AFO boots aka boots with the furrrr to fight off the contractions. I have a brand new FES bike waiting to get set up and I'm super excited to add that to my regimen. I finally heard back from Dr. Paiement regarding my range of motion limitations and he said "regarding use of the bike and range of motion my suggestions is to avoid hip flexion past 90 degrees for 6 months after surgery both hips should be kept in abduction (apart) for the same period of time". I am going to have to get a special wheelchair that reclines as opposed to tilting to avoid exceeding my precautions. This kind of sucks cause I will be cycling in a awkward position but I can't rush things on the new hardware. Come July I should be able to cycle normally so at least these issues are temporary. We ordered the FES bike with the stationary hand cycle attachment so I'll be able to add that to my home workouts and work up to getting out on a real hand cycle. I'm very excited to hit the road on a bike, I really miss cycling and can't wait to get back into it. Dr. Paiement is still working on publishing my case, in his email he updated me on the progress stating that "we are currently writing Jerod's as a case report - world literature review (english, german, french, spanish , italian, japanese etc..) has not shown any similar cases" so I guess it's official that my surgery was the first of its kind, pretty exciting. I recently got my hips X-rayed to make sure everything is going well and according to Dr. Paiement's review everything looks great and "It is likely that there is a beginning of osteo-integration" so that's very encouraging. My first follow up with a local doc is Friday and we're hoping there is some sort of image like a bone scan that can be taken to tell how well the bone is attaching to the new parts. Dad and I had been talking about heading to Tulsa to watch Danny coach all season and on Wednesday last week we finally did it. It was a close game between SMU and Tulsa, in the end SMU pulled it out but it was a good game and so fun to watch Danny Manning and Larry Brown coach against each other. Danny really rolled out the red carpet for our visit, Dad and I sat court side while mom sat with Julie and then we were invited into the locker room after the game. It's a big change watching Danny as a head coach, as a assistant I remember him cracking jokes on the bench during games and often running interference between Bill and the refs. Now that he's at the helm he's the one riding the refs and barking instructions to his team. While watching the game I noticed several players wearing my "Never Give Up" bracelets and in the locker room Danny told me he's been using me as a example to his team. I feel very honored to have such a great competitor take notice of my approach and find it worth sharing. While I was in the locker room and the adjoining hallway nearly every one of Danny's players introduced himself to me, looked me in the eye, and shook my hand. I don't know about you but to me that was very impressive. It was the Golden Hurricanes senior night and a tough loss but I was impressed by their demeanor and willingness to spend a few moments with me. It was great to see some familiar faces down in Tulsa and we got to catch up with Ted Juneau, Brett Ballard, Julie and Taylor Manning. My sister Taeler worked for Danny and KU men's basketball while she was getting her degree and I had numerous people ask how she was doing. I have to say everyone at TU was incredibly nice and accommodating, I felt very comfortable and was impressed by Danny's program. Good luck to Tulsa in their conference tournament, I will be rooting for them and thanks to the whole Golden Hurricane family for a wonderful experience. Last week we received a phone call from Anderson Cooper wanting to fly us to New York and put us up in a hotel to do his show. Pretty neat opportunity but the show was on "Nightmare Vacations" and they wanted to know whether we would do it right away as the episode taped this week. Bad timing for us and had the subject matter been spinal cord injury or something regarding therapy we would have been more excited. We're not ones to dwell on the "Nightmare Vacation" aspect and have moved past that so we respectfully declined. Good luck to my Jayhawks at the tournament this weekend, looking forward to another exciting post season and congrats on locking up a share of the 9th conference championship in a row. Rock Chalk