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Can't complain about the way everything's been going lately. I'm getting good rest and eating well. Therapy continues to move forward and I'm really enjoying my sessions. I stood (in the standing frame of course) for over 50 minutes today, as I do most days, but today I did it without medication. So pumped to hopefully ween myself off of some of these drugs, I still don't see how I can take a handfull of pills and my body somehow sorts them out. My blood pressure seems to be trending on the high side lately which I know has helped with therapy, it had been low but last night I had to take my pill that lowers my pressure. My blood pressure yo-yo's, last night it was between 111/56-174/105 for over a hour. I have no idea why but I'm meeting with the renal specialist tomorrow. As I write this my bp is 159/92, not too bad but I get some discomfort and tightness in my chest that I correlate with the diastolic number more so than the systolic but we will see what the doc says tomorrow. Hoping to add pool therapy back in the mix as early as next week but want to make sure I do so at a sensible pace so I don't burn myself out. As I improve I look forward to getting a hand bike, it will be awesome to get strong enough to propel myself around. Speaking of propelling myself, as soon as I acclimate to pool therapy I'm going to work into my manual chair. They make these wheels that go on wheelchairs that provide assistance when self propelling if I'm not strong enough to go without but hopefully I can. The road ahead is so long but I look forward to accomplishing the goals I have set and its so encouraging to see progress. My right shoulder is still weak but improving, my omnicycle marks keep getting better, my mobility is poor but improving, my visits with Risley (chiropractor) are getting better, I just hope this trend continues. Last time I made improvements like this I blew my hips out so I'm nervously hoping my body can handle it. Some of the doctors tried to say my hips deteriorated because I was hyper focused on therapy but I agree with my Dads philosophy that our approach was good I just need body parts that can keep up with me. It doesn't make sense to downgrade my workouts to my inferior body, we have to find ways to get my body to keep up. As I'm finishing this post Thursday morning I'm trying to stretch my arms and core out, pretty sore today. My muscles are so tight from therapy but its a good kind of sore following a hard workout. Hopefully I will loosen up throughout the day, going to get to bed early tonight.
P.S. how'd the operation go AS?