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First Week Back In Action!

Feels great to be back in town and getting back to work. Thanks to those of you who have visited me at my new home and especially those who brought food! I'm getting back into the swing of things and feeling better than I have in months. Knocked out close to 20 hours of therapy this week and aside from one night I rested well every evening. Im a little concerned with some very mild pain, I would say a 2, and "clicking" noise i get occasionally from my bicep tendon when I bench press or rotate my shoulder. I've lost a considerable amount of strength in my right arm but my left arm and core muscles are for the most part unchanged or even stronger. My hands are holding up well and not deteriorating too badly. I've been using my bioness everyday and I'm constantly stretching my hands. One of my OT's in Cali said she was impressed with how I have taken care of my hands and had hope for them to come back, that makes two of us. I've been pretty sore late this week but it's a good kind of soreness that follows hard work. Unfortunately my spasms have kicked it up a notch lately in response to that soreness but with my body working so hard I'm sure much of it will calm down once I get used to moving every day. My chiropractor, Scott Risley, made four visits this week and I can't tell you how much relief he gave me. It only takes about 10 minutes to get adjusted and after our appointment Wednesday I immediately felt better. I dreamt the other night that I fell out of bed and was able to stand up and walk back to bed. In my dream I consulted my therapists about this new ability and they prescribed walking daily as my new therapy! I was elated and when I woke up I was still smiling. Standing therapy has been going very well, working through some blood pressure issues as always but I can already tell its improving. I've quit taking pain pills, weening off sleeping pills, and I'm going to try to reduce whatever pills I can. I still take a few pills PRN if I'm having trouble getting comfortable but thats just a few/week. I'm sick of being tethered to my antibiotic pump but if things go well it comes out Tuesday. As if having a pic line wasn't a big enough pain I'm constantly connected to a dingy, goofy ass, fanny pack that pumps antibiotics all day and large doses 3 times a day that make me nauseous. Making more progress on the home health front, don't have it all set up yet but it's coming together. Busy weekend ahead watching sports all weekend. More excited for todays lineup than I am Sundays. Rock Chalk