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I'm back!

We left California around 6 or 7 Saturday evening. Dad and Cale flew in to drive Mom and I back and again we went straight through getting home late Sunday evening. At least Dad had help this time, he and Cale traded off pretty regularly and they got us home as quickly and safely as possible. My last week of therapy ended well and my OT's Sara and Rochelle came up with some great new exercises incorporating my Bioness with trunk control and ab workouts. What I like best about my therapists, Kim and Angela, here in Lawrence is that they're always innovating and coming up with new ways to challenge me and keep things fun and Sara and Rochelle did the same thing. Most therapists don't have much training or knowledge specific to my injury but when they think outside the box like the previously mentioned ladies I get more out of the sessions and it makes them fun. I still have my picc line in and will continue to receive ancef through that line until at least February 4th. Mom has been doing my ancef injections every 8 hours until this afternoon when I got set up on a pump, at this point she knows more than most nurses and some doctors. It's great to be home and finally start getting settled. I'm still setting up home health but feel like I'm close to getting up and running, I'm sure mom would love to sleep in her own bed at some point. Dad grilled steaks, mom made desert, and grandma brought heavenly hash browns for a little KU watch party tonight. Jesse even stopped by and provided comedy relief going over the finer points of hiring home health aides and the selection process. It's great of my family to come over and hang out. Aunt Linda and Uncle Bill even joined and toughed it out on folding chairs when they could have walked over to their house next door and been comfortable, they have been such a huge help to me and my parents this past year. They never say no and are always offering to do more, we are very lucky to have them in the family. Aunt Linda and Uncle Bill are perfect examples of what family is really all about and I can't thank them enough for everything that they do. I start back up on some therapy tomorrow and I'm a little worried about energy. My energy has been low to say the least but hopefully it's just a funk I can work through. So grateful for all the great people I met in Cali, there are awesome people everywhere and I've been lucky enough to meet quite a few of them this past year. It's getting late, gotta get to bed. Big day tomorrow. Thanks for all the continued support.